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Beautiful animations are planned at the Gournay-en-Bray cinema in 2023 (©L’Eclaireur – The Dispatch)

News: How was 2022 at the cinema?

Christelle Roussellin-Disarbois: As everywhere in France, there has been a drop in cinema attendance. Culture has been affected quite a bit by the Covid, people have had trouble getting back to the theater. The beginning of the year was therefore slow because there were still restrictions, people were afraid. A whole population has become accustomed to the platforms. Despite this, there were still many positives. The members are about the same number as the great years, which means that there is great loyalty. The end of the year was quite good, especially with Avatar. We also launched our website with the possibility of reserving your place online, which was really useful to many people.

You have multiplied the animations this year. Why did you do this?

: We realize that people need a goal, entertainment, to meet. There are a lot of subjects that interest them and so we have multiplied the events. We are therefore looking for opportunities, and the public responds present. Whenever a film can be an event, especially with current events such as Ukraine, Iran or when directors or producers live in the region, we try to set it up. We even do things with other local associations. We always take the opportunity. Now people even come to us saying that they would like to see such and such an event, and that’s great.

And you see a real attendance at these events?

: Yes, and we realize that people love it. Several people who no longer came told me that they had returned for an event.

How do you set up these events?

: In the association, most have lived in the area for a long time. So we bonded, and there’s always someone who knows someone. It’s really relational. It takes time and you can’t give up, but we’re getting there.

Is having “only” two rooms an obstacle to organizing certain things?

: Not really. It’s difficult to bring in actors and directors, but that’s also the case for large venues. And that requires significant resources, whether in time or logistics, so overall we are very satisfied with what we are offering.

What do you have planned for 2023?

: Many things ! On January 14, for example, we are going to show a film by Bertrand Tavernier, Autour de Minuit, which deals with jazz. There will be a concert with the music school afterwards. From January 18 to 24, there will be the Télérama film festival. There will also be an Icelandic film which will be broadcast in the coming weeks and a speaker will tell us about this country. Finally, we will have the opportunity to screen previews, notably Spielberg’s The Fabelmans. A beautiful program!

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In Gournay-en-Bray, the cinema Les Ecrans multiplies the animations