In Sassoferrato the baby actors go back to school

SASSOFERRATO – The baby actors go back to school. After the summer break, she resumed the acting course for boys at the Municipal Theater School. Organized by the municipal administration with the collaboration of the Pro Loco and the local Istituto Comprensivo of kindergarten, primary and secondary school, the course, intended for boys and girls aged between seven and thirteen, will take starting on December 9th.

As in the past edition, the course will be directed by Arianna Baldini, theater operator and collaborator of the social enterprise Youth Theater / Pirate Theater. Lessons will be held on a weekly basis, on Fridays, from 16.00 to 18.00, at the headquarters of the aforementioned Comprehensive School Institute.

At the end of the five-month course, i.e. on the 6th and, in repeat, on the 7th May of next year, the students will have the opportunity to stage a performance that is included, non-subscription, in the program of shows of the prose season 2022/23 of the Sentino Theater.

The results obtained up to now by the Municipal Theater School are flattering, which over the course of thirteen years of activity has hosted over three hundred students and produced no less than nineteen shows.

In this regard, the councilor for culture of the Municipality, Lorena Varani, explains: «We are very satisfied with the results achieved in recent years, to which the collaboration provided by the school has contributed. After the problems caused by the pandemic, which have obviously significantly affected the participation of pupils in the theater school, we now expect to return to the levels of attendance of the pre-covid years. We believe – underlines the commissioner – that theater is a valuable educational and training tool for children and young people, useful, in particular, to help them communicate and express their emotions. Our goal is to bring young people closer to the theater not only as users, but also as protagonists of an activity that allows them to refine their sensitivity, become aware of their attitudes and expressive abilities, broaden their cultural knowledge and acquire further stimuli to bring out one’s own personality».

Registration for the course is open. The participation fee is €. 100.00 (€.20.00 per month). The registration form can be collected from the Public Relations Office of the Municipality (piazza Matteotti, 4 – tel. 0732/956231) or downloaded from the website – “The Municipality informs” area – “General Affairs” forms.

For further and more detailed information, it is possible to contact the Culture Office of the Municipality (tel.0732/956222-205), on the days it is open to the public.


In Sassoferrato the baby actors go back to school – AltrogiornaleMarche