Initiatives of the CNDDU for the International Diabetes Day 2022 which is celebrated on November 14 |

The National Coordination of Teachers of the discipline of Human Rights, on the occasion of the International Diabetes Day, established in 2007 by the UN General Assembly, with resolution 61/225, intends to draw the attention of all school staff, families and of students on a disease that is certainly serious, but which cannot and must not become a reason for exclusion for those affected. In Italy, according to data released by the Italian Society of Pediatricians, there are about 22,000 children and adolescents of school age in 2022 affected by type 1 diabetes mellitus; in addition, one in ten people live with diabetes, according to the International Diabetes Federation; even one in two of the estimated diabetics is not yet aware of it.

From a very young age it would be advisable to adopt appropriate behaviors, such as avoiding the accumulation of fat at the waist or attending nutrition education courses. Ultimately, practicing incorrect lifestyles can lead to metabolic syndromes including type 2 diabetes; not practicing physical activity and systematically giving up breakfast are bad habits for maintaining one’s well-being. THE

Based on this state of affairs, many schools have equipped themselves to meet the needs of a correct lifestyle to be promoted among young people and the problems of diabetic students. It is important that adolescents experience the place of their learning as a safe environment in which to feel protected and in which their condition does not become an obstacle in the approach to teaching and relationships with their peers.


In this regard, the CNDDU, in line with what is indicated by the associations relating to this pathology, such as AGD ITALIA – Coordination between the Italian Association of Youth with Diabetes onlus, proposes a series of courses in all schools of all levels aimed at knowledge and “normalization” of this disorder, entitled #ConosiamoilDiabete; in the first cycle it would be desirable to make diabetes known immediately, proposing virtuous behaviors aimed at combating it. Foods “friendly” to good health could be drawn on billboards as well as the more dangerous ones; in a more precise way, it is proposed to create a comic with “virtuous” fruit and vegetables and friends of the children as protagonists.

In upper secondary schools, on the other hand, depending on the disciplinary characterization of each school, the subject in question could be presented by curving it specifically. For example, aspects related to health matters could be studied in depth, through courses or conferences specially prepared with experts in the sector. In general, in every school context it would be useful and constructive to create moments of listening, reading and writing entirely dedicated to the direct and indirect testimonies of students or former students who have met this pathology personally or indirectly about their loved ones, in order to dispel various preconceptions / commonplaces and instead initiate a deep knowledge of the subject in order to improve the quality of life for all of us.

“[…] the so-called Mediterranean diet, based on vegetables, fruit and pasta, traditional for centuries in Italy, has proved effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, cancer. The return to a Mediterranean-style diet has contributed, together with more effective drugs, to the decrease in mortality from cardiovascular diseases. ” (Umberto Veronesi)


Initiatives of the CNDDU for the International Diabetes Day 2022 which is celebrated on November 14 |