Itts, Sarsina headquarters. New laboratories inaugurated. The mayor to the boys: “Listen to your talents”

“An adventure that has the traits of the extraordinary”. This is how the head teacher Marco Ruscelli presented the new mechanics and mechatronics laboratories of the “Guglielmo Marconi” technical and technological institute in Sarsina. The inauguration was held this morning in via Ambrola, next to the sports field a few steps from the central Plauto square, in an environment of 250 square meters today equipped with mechanical and automatic lathes, measuring instruments, grinding wheels, transplants and laser printers. The more necessary for the training of students of the third high school, the first to have enrolled in the secondary school three years ago. To date, the three classes of the branch school in Sarsina – the historic headquarters is in Forlì and hosts over 1,100 students – are about seventy.

“I signed and supported the project whose foundations were initiated by the principal Tognon – underlined Ruscelli who then called close to him some first-time students, who this year are attending the third year, and third-grade boys, next possible students – . Today the school receives these environments dedicated to training. Today we are putting our credibility into play: in these guys there is the present and the future. Own them, boys: they are an indispensable tool for you. They are yours “. The principal then extended his thanks: “Thanks to the professors who felt that the work here can generate new, different, experimental spaces. And thanks to the guys from Sarsina: they sent me an email after reading about the soccer tournament organized in Forlì. I have expressed the desire to participate. It was for joy: the boys understood that there is space. That there is something more in this school in Sarsina ”.

The large space was enlivened by the participation of the students of the Itts Marconi institute in Sarsina, to which were added the eighth grade boys of Sarsina, Mercato Saraceno and Sant’Agata Feltria. The municipalities of the Savio Valley were represented by the mayors of Mercato Saraceno Monica Rossi, of Bagno di Romagna Marco Baccini, of Sant’Agata Feltria Goffredo Polidori and by the deputy mayor of Verghereto Fedele Camillini. “Today’s inauguration is a source of pride and pride – the words of mayor of Sarsina Enrico Cangini – This project sees various actors in the field, where the identity of each must be placed side by side with the others in a path that requires humility and sharing. It is the result of a commitment to the future and to the younger generations in particular ”. Mayor Cangini then addressed the junior high school students: “I wish you to be free in the choice of high school: listen to your talents ”.

Initially intended to house the Misericordie di Sarsina and the Pro Loco, which later found space in other rooms, the building is equipped with a photovoltaic system with heat pump heating. The words of the engineer Mauro Fabbretti were of double satisfaction: as a technician of the Municipality he took care of the structural adjustment, and as president of the Cooperative Credit Bank of Sarsina, one of the financiers of the project. “The configuration of the environment is optimal both internally, with ample open space, windows that guarantee good lighting, services, changing rooms and a wooden roof, both the exterior with large access doors “. The technician’s satisfaction made room for the words of the president of the local banking institution: “He is in the mission of the bank to be close to the territory with local investments – continued Fabbretti – This project combines new opportunities for young people and the need for professionalism on the part of local entrepreneurs. It is a project that looks to the economic future of the entire Savio valley ”.

The mechanics and mechatronics laboratory cost 140 thousand euros, largely financed by the “Entrepreneurs Valle Savio” association: 14 companies based in the territory. They make up the association Baldacci Meccanica, Cangini, Casadei Pallets, Righi Group, Paresa, ElectricLine, Effe, Plastisavio, Sampierana, Valsavio Holding, Siem Impianti, Ear Group. With the contribution of Confindustria, Cna and Confartigianato. Spokesman of the entrepreneurs Valle Savio is Giorgio Cangini: “In 2009 I was a representative of Confindustria. In those years I noticed that few young people from the Savio Valley attended the technical institute in Forlì, putting local companies in difficulty in search of increasingly professionally trained workers. I applied for a school settlement in the valley, but it was not accepted. I then cultivated this desire, I involved several parties and if we are here today I must say a big thank you to the Municipalities who supported the project. We entrepreneurs will continue to support the school so that it is always adequate to the times, with modern equipment, with the opening to school-work alternation. We wish the children and all the teachers who will guide you good work ”.

The representative of the Provveditorato addressed the families “who have understood the importance of this investment in an area like that of the Savio Valley. There are all the conditions for this reality to take off, with a logic that enhances the territory. The technical institute of Forlì has an important, prestigious and quality history: those who enroll in this school, here in Sarsina, have not made a choice of fallback, but of excellence. The strong entrepreneurial reality made it possible to start this project. Families and young people have the opportunity to see the potential ”.

Among the interventions, too a mother representing the families of the students of the Itts Marconi di Sarsina: “Our thanks goes to the association of entrepreneurs, who has been able to transform the needs of companies into opportunities for our children. And a big thank you goes to ITTS “Marconi” for the courage shown in undertaking and supporting the project. Thanks also to the Municipality of Sarsina for making the premises available. With far-sightedness, he does not fail to support the territory and the families who live there ”.

The appointment with the visit to all the school environments and with the laboratory with the machines on is for the open days to be held on November 26 and January 14.

Itts, Sarsina headquarters. New laboratories inaugurated. The mayor to the boys: “Listen to your talents”