Launch of the Pon Palermo project: interventions for the redevelopment of the territory and the fight against crime in degraded areas

Being together regardless of age, ethnicity, individual abilities, religion, belongings: this is the inclusive and absolutely Christmas message that they intended to represent yesterday when, very numerous, took part in the afternoon dedicated to Santa Claus and the organized gifts at the Baby Parking.

The protagonists of the afternoon first were the children of the Giovanni XXIII School who brought the biscuits they made together with their parents to the extracurricular laboratory and gave them as gifts to the Pantelleria grandparents of the Senior Citizens Center who, in turn, distributed lots of sweets to everyone.

The children, directed by Maestro Giuseppe Pavia, also sang a song for their grandparents, together with their mothers and nuns, greatly moving those present.

This was followed by TALES AT SANTA’S HOUSE organized by the L’Albero Azzurro Association which hosted the whole event at the Baby Parking. In this case, Councilor Francesca Marrucci took off her institutional role and returned to associationism, reading three Christmas tales to the children and those present, interspersed with splendid performances by the ASTARTE JUNIOR CHOIR directed by Letizia Stuppa, assisted by Valerie Greco.

After the fairy tales, the Elves, that is, the special children of the Blue Tree, offered biscuits made by them and fruit juice, while Santa Claus was preparing to welcome everyone into his home and distribute gifts and biscuits.

Here, then, following a bright path outside the structure, children, grandparents and families arrived at the sled parked outside SANTA CLAUS’ HOUSE and one by one they met him inside, played by an inspired Giacomino Policardo, together with the hard-working elves .

A special applause goes to the President of the Association, Angela Rizzo and her collaborators Luigina De Santis and Roberta Monopoli who have created a truly fabulous environment, managing to involve everyone without barriers or differences.

“A choral work that demonstrates that inclusion is possible and must be practiced every day,” said Councilor Marrucci. “It was nice to see the enthusiasm of the grandparents who asked to be involved more often and given that 2023 will see us inaugurate the new Senior Center, there will certainly be many opportunities to be together.

I thank the nuns of the Giovanni XXIII School and the Pavia Director for having accepted the invitation and having brought so much happiness and joy, Letizia Stuppa who immediately embraced the cause and participated with the fantastic children of the Junior Choir and above all L’Albero Azzurro who he is doing an exemplary and wonderful job with our special kids and now our job is not to make them feel alone.

Christmas this year has brought us all to reach out to others. Let’s make it the first step on a journey of love and inclusion.

This is the most beautiful wish we can give ourselves and those close to us.”

Launch of the Pon Palermo project: interventions for the redevelopment of the territory and the fight against crime in degraded areas