Liceo Filidor Gaete de Llico is recognized for its good practices in educational leadership

The CILED highlighted the establishment for its conferences and scientific fair, which it has organized since 2015 together with the INCAR Center, and which this year will have its eighth version in November 2022 under the name “From reflection to action: Innovating for a future”. sustainable”.

The Professional Technical High School, Filidor Gaete de Llico, a member of the Network of Aquaculture High Schools of the INCAR Center, was recognized by the Center for Innovation in Educational Leadership (CILED) of the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD), for its good school practices.

The distinction was received by the Director of the establishment, Belén Carmiglia Lacroix, and by the Head of the DAEM of Arauco, José Parada Salgado, on behalf of the municipal education maintainer, Mayor Elizabeth Maricán Rivas, in a ceremony held on Monday 12 September, in Santiago.

The successful experience of the establishment was also highlighted in the book “Good Leadership Practices in Professional Technical Secondary Education (EMTP): 10 Chilean cases and 1 Mexican case.”

“This recognition invites us to continue perfecting our school improvement processes and, without a doubt, we are proud to contribute with our experience in management and educational leadership, through the published book, in which we are part of a chapter together with ten establishments, recognizing this experience. as a successfully differentiating element of our educational community”, expressed Belén Carmiglia Lacroix, Director of the Liceo Filidor Gaete de Llico.

The document indicates that “the Scientific Sessions of the Liceo Filidor Gaete are a practice that has allowed -through joint work with INCAR and other scientific research centers- to develop in the students of the high school and other schools along the Arauco coastline, keys to function in today’s context, highlighting the development of critical thinking (in the exhibition instances of the science fair); problem solving (in the theoretical-practical workshops carried out in conjunction with INCAR) and scientific thinking (in all the work of the Conference and its articulation with the modules of the specialty) pillar for people to make accurate decisions in your life and increase your opportunities.

According to the person in charge of the Linkage Program with INCAR Society, Pablo Carrasco “fostering scientific research in a Professional Technical High School presented itself as an important challenge, however, at the Liceo de Llico we found a human group that facilitated the process and took advantage of this approach, jointly developing various scientific outreach activities with a strong interdisciplinary approach. In addition, various research centers and institutions related to coastal sustainability issues have contributed to the generation of each Scientific Conference”,

The CILED team also highlighted that the contribution of the implementation of the Scientific Sessions has allowed the transformation of the establishment in many aspects. “One of the most relevant is the way in which the management team has been consolidated with the aim of organizing these conferences, where distributed leadership has been a key factor. The ability to delegate and encourage leadership from other people in the group has empowered the actors who are related to the work of the Scientific Sessions”, they explain.

“For our high school it is an honor to be recognized from the perspective of school leadership, as a pole that contributes from its institutional seals to scientific development and sustainability, managing together with our support networks the possibility of democratizing knowledge to favor the emergence of skills for the 21st century to our students and those from the coastal area of ​​the commune and other provinces of the Biobío region”, stressed the Director of the establishment.

Finally, the specialists in innovation in school leadership, highlight that the Scientific Sessions of the Liceo Filidor Gaete Monsalve de Llico have been of great help to promote knowledge of science through more didactic activities both for the students and for the management team and organizer. “It is appropriate to indicate that for the community and the establishment this good practice has provided positive experiences related to the results of student and teacher satisfaction. Therefore, its implementation in the future will be essential to be able to continue improving in reducing social gaps and to improve the expectations that students have regarding their future”, they conclude.

Review and download the document “Good Leadership Practices in Professional Technical Secondary Education (EMTP): 10 Chilean cases and 1 Mexican case” here:

Liceo Filidor Gaete de Llico is recognized for its good practices in educational leadership