Lying on the pedestrian crossing until the cars arrive, the crowd “challenges” of a group of boys

“The news appeared in the national newspapers oflast ‘challenge’ of the boys of Neptune to who, lying on the pedestrian crossing, he gets up last, a few moments before the arrival of the cars, leaves us completely stunned. I say it like Special Commissioner of this Municipality but first of all as a father ”. With these words the extraordinary commissioner of the city on the Lazio seafront, Bruno Strati, opens the his open letter written after the news of the last few days on the “planking challenge” which a few nights ago saw a group of young people as protagonist. An absurd and crazy “challenge”, probably to be posted on social media, shot by the video surveillance cameras in which you can see five boys lying down at night on the pedestrian crossing waiting for the arrival of the cars and then getting up and running away when they were a few meters away from them.

An episode that opens the doors to a more general reflection on the new generations as the extraordinary commissioner of Neptune wanted to do, who decided to write an open letter, also posted on social networks. “The fact, in its absurdity, cannot leave us indifferent, but it must make us reflect and ask some questions. The first question, the most obvious one, is why they do it. Boredom, social exhibitionism. How is it possible for teenagers to put themselves in such a dangerous situation, as if they were in a video game, only to be admired by their peers. How is it possible that, in the middle of the night, with their parents who, unaware, are sleeping at home, these kids risk their lives and that of others just to win more likes. We do not know if it is an isolated case or a repeated behavior. It is certainly a small minority, an exception, yet the phenomenon should not be underestimated also because this summer there were not a few episodes of malamovida involving adolescents “.

“We have been talking for some time about a Zeta generation, about digitized kids, who spend most of their day on their PCs, looking at their smartphones, hyper-connected to a virtual world that has increasingly become the ‘real’ world for them. It is certainly a different generation, ‘faster’ than ours, a daughter of the last century, but it is also a fragile generation that must be supported and even more so, compared to past generations, ‘accompanied’ in the complexity of the society in which we live.

Who is responsible for ‘accompanying’ these young people on their growth path? – asks the extraordinary commissioner of Neptune – Parents, the school. Yes of course, them first of all, but not only. It is clear that an important role must be played by the institutions, starting with the local ones that are closest to the citizens, which must take part in the educational action of our children through effective interventions that do not translate, attention, into prohibitions and prohibitions (unless there is illegal conduct), but rather in activities of comparison and analysis as well as support in the most critical situations. Parents, school, institutions, civil and religious, associations, etc. there are many players in the field. Each in his different role has the task and responsibility of ‘educating’ children so that they become aware of their uniqueness and their abilities, are aware of the importance of their life and of the fact that results are not obtained for free, they rediscover the true values ​​and are ready to lead an existence that respects themselves and others, observing the rules and taking care of public affairs.

It is therefore necessary to start afresh from a renewed ‘generational’ pact, not written, which commits not only the school and the parents, but also all the components of society, not to abdicate the role of ‘educators’ and to concretely carry out actions to ‘accompany’ children. young people to professional, social and cultural life. Only in this way will we be able to have our children tomorrow, as adults, ready to participate responsibly in the life of the country.

In practice – concludes Strati -, as a municipal administration we will intensify the dialogue with the school world, with parents and children, involving third sector associations, we will promote, with the involvement of other institutions, meetings in schools and initiatives aimed at spreading the law and respect for the rules of civil coexistence and we will encourage the creation of places for comparison and cultural and social growth. At the same time, we will accelerate the realization of public works for young people, such as sports fields, and we will further strengthen the control action by the local police, which together with the other police forces in the area, plays a fundamental role in protection of legality, security and public order. By doing so, we will try to create all possible conditions so that episodes like the one that happened the other night, be it isolated or repeated, never occur again ”.

Lying on the pedestrian crossing until the cars arrive, the crowd “challenges” of a group of boys