Mediatization and judicialization in public education: Does it respond to the principle of equality before the law or does it stigmatize?

Last night, from Mi Mirador, between the stars and the blue window of the Pacific Ocean, while the instrumental music, in a true symphony of the soul, slid its delicate melody: “The sound of silence”, the lights and darkness that trace the route were portrayed. from my city; once again, I tried to scan the distances and listen the north stones; who, curiously, speak and seem to transform, more than many humans, as builders of Human Understanding, non-existent today in so many of my Beloved Antofagasta, with People of Isolation and Misunderstanding, Sufferers.

Indeed, the salt stones, the sun, tell me about the commotion, controversy, legitimate and intense communicational debate that has been generated in our Educational Communities and in the Antofagasta Citizenship; “Because, as a result of a protection measure requested by a group of Representatives, in the face of a specific situation in a municipal school; the Family Court of Antofagasta instructed, in an unprecedented Resolution, the order to install Metal or Weapon Detectors and implement Security Cameras inside ALL MUNICIPAL SCHOOLS of our city”.

Before continuing with this text, a first reflection, question and/or curiosity: What RESULT would there be if, as a result of the extreme violence of some groups from some emblematic schools in Santiago, this Resolution had been issued to install sensors in all the PUBLIC Schools of the Capital? Would it solve or magnify the problem?

Undoubtedly and without complacency, it is imperative to eradicate all types of violence and criminal acts of robbery, aggression and multiple abuses of so many; regardless of their educational, social, economic and cultural level, since the existence of images and acts of aggression, disorder and violence that occurred in the World, Chile, the Communes and that multiply exponentially in our Antofagasta cannot be denied, whipping it as hard as the corona virus that, together with other viruses of the soul, become naturalized in the asymmetries, materialism, consumerism, contamination, discrimination, exclusion, stigmatization, power struggle and leadership, etc.; being the latent dangers to which our Girls and Boys are exposed, fruits of the defenselessness that is lived and that are reproduced in the Schools that, so many times, become the Support and Mirror of the Society.

Respected and respected Readers; because no one in his right mind would risk a Son, given the risks of daily life, it is imperative that each and all of us, let us transform stones into bridges and roads, words into actions, to raise awareness and socially transform education as a task for all, in the song of the free man in search of a reunion with Humanism, to improve Peace and Social Coexistence . Therefore, education must be the flashlight and compass that illuminates, guides and promotes a society that lives in multicultural diversity. Likewise, trusting in the Professionalism and Human Essence of those who apply the Laws, “These must be a navigation chart at all times; be it calm or storm, encounter or disagreement, light or darkness; but, favoring the COMMON GOOD AND THE PRINCIPLE OF EQUALITY OF EVERYONE BEFORE THE LAW”.

Today, more than yesterday, perhaps it is necessary to remember that the The fundamental role of the School is to EDUCATE and not resolve judicial or police issues and, without naturalizing; but, a crime could well occur at the entrance, in the patio, in the room; like in your own home, in the office, on the street, in the cinema, in companies and/or all kinds of organizations; For this reason, we must never forget to prevent and, in this context, it becomes relevant to meet the demands, both from Human Resources and more Teachers, Assistants, Other Professionals; Community and School Infrastructure Resources such as Housing, Water, Light, Connectivity and, essential is to favor Teacher Work Conditions.

Not being a Jurist, Lawyer, Legislator, Authority or Sociologist; more, as a Citizen and Teacher, Social Educator, I think that Education has a very different ethos from the one that prevails in the legal field of Judicialization and that, the latter, can separate education from its main axis, which is Integral and Pedagogical Training; or, alter the Pedagogical Spirit and the genuine vocation of Teaching; exacerbate the defensive mood of its actors; weaken the paths, strategies and educational instruments and, ultimately, break the harmony of school activities. I emphasize that every Law must also promote human and social encounter, without separating two Worlds of Paradise and Hell; one in which the Public, State and the other, promote and deify the Private; Because this is how the Public Faith and the Hope of Equality before Justice are damaged.

The meaning of educating confronts us with two parallel and antagonistic paradigms that we must socialize at all levels; one, based on surveillance measures, legal punishments and the reinforcement of controls that criminalize deviant behaviors of children and people in general; and the other, from the democratic logic based on the transforming hope of giving Education and all its actors, the importance and relevance that corresponds; invest in Education, build respect, dialogue, healthy coexistence and; As Teachers, we must protect and defend that never a premature trial or verdict and that, when made public, go viral on social networks and the media, leaving unnecessary stigmas forever in the communities, eternally recorded as aggravating experiences that could , in Community, to be resolved EDUCATIONALLY.

Undeniably, the need to Judicializing school relations arises and becomes visible due to the Weakening of the School System in their ability and resources to solve problems; Also, it is evident the weak School-Family relationship that questions the Pedagogical Authority Y; Finally, a topic Conflicts increase is the Exacerbation of Individualism in our neoliberal society that does not collaborate in resolving conflicts in Community from the Us; but only in the interest of the SELF and Egoism.

Therefore, Friends and Friends All, we need all of us who inhabit this land of effort and that we take shelter under this same sky; let us not only dream, but also tattoo our brown skin with the ink of all honeys, to produce responsibly and with commitment, from Education, Integration and Brotherhood of our community with the hopeful joy of new tomorrows, without hastening judicialization, stigmatization, or discrimination; complying with the Laws; and, especially with the Law of the Soul that should unite us all, in: HAPPY HUMANITY AND ANTOFAGASTINITY!

Mediatization and judicialization in public education: Does it respond to the principle of equality before the law or does it stigmatize?