Music and emotions with Comasia Nitti, author of “Beyond the dark”


Music and emotions with Comasia Nitti author of “Beyond the dark”


Always so much public every time the author Comasia Nitti presents her works to the public. It also happened in recent days on the occasion of the presentation of his poetry collection “Beyond the dark”. It was the second presentation in less than three months of this work. The public attended her presentation for the first time in the charming Piazzetta SS. Medici overlooking the Gravina di San Marco, an example of a rock settlement (in the 1960s Pier Paolo Pasolini also shot some scenes from The Gospel according to Matthew there).

This time however, the public was hosted in the church honey di San Benedetto (Baroque-style facade) decorated with ivory-colored stuccos, made by Saverio Amodeo in 1764, with the altars adorned with paintings by Domenico Carella and then again an 18th-century organ positioned in the choir and the wooden statues of Santa Gertrude , of Santa Scolastica and of San Benedetto.

But let’s go in order. The evening was opened by Francesca Rizzato, Vice President of the “Agorà” Association, who, in addition to presenting the Association promoting the cultural event, briefly presented the author and her desire to “Give voice and music to emotions” through his poems written on paper. You then welcomed and spoke to Don Fernando Balestra, parish priest of the churches of “San Benedetto” and “San Lorenzo”, who generously made the sacred place available, where everything took place in an almost “heavenly”. Don Fernando opened the event with his considerations and comments on the book “Beyond the dark”); he admitted, among other things, that he had “devoured”, pleasantly enraptured, the poetic collection, highlighting some particularities referring to the “evils” of today’s society, the “Darkness”, to which part of the title of the same collection refers could represent one of the solutions to fill the various modern “gaps”. Like the frantic search for something that can fill the “existential void” and the sense of loneliness, present especially in today’s young people so attached to technology; the frenetic race for “power” in order to occupy a “place” on the social ladder; the absence of God in the hearts of most; the lack of time to devote to the “contemplation” of what surrounds and dominates us, which would allow us to get in tune with “EVERYTHING” (including God and Nature). And speaking of “contemplating” he mentioned the need to “Walk” in the world (perhaps on foot!) In order to be able to admire and be enraptured by its beauties. And he mentioned the title of the poemblank

published on p. 35, which we report:

“I walked!”

I walked on all fours on foam rubber / and I got to know a fantastic world, / joyful and colorful with fantasy and… / I went further…/ I walked on all fours on the ground / and I got to know the difficulties and the first pains. / I looked up at the sky, I saw it too far away and… / I got up… / I walked barefoot / and I met the wounds and… / I protected myself… / I walked again / and I met the falls and… / I got up… / I walked…/ I walked for a long time, / but I’m only halfway through the work / because while I was learning, / with joyful imagination, to protect myself, / to look at the sky and get up again, / new horizons opened up in my eyes 7 and the desire to walk, / even if tired, became more and more overbearing. / Of one thing I am sure, / upon my arrival I will be able to say with pride: / “I walked!”.

The attentive Deputy Mayor and Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Massafra, Domenico Lasigna, has not spared his compliments to the author and her work. He also highlighted the excellent organization of the “Agorà” Association, whose President, Maestro Antonello Tannoia followed every detail step by step, also intervening to thank the actors, the musician and in particular the author for having enriched, with something beautiful and profound, the souls of the public.

It was just one marvel after another for the overjoyed public who carefully followed the report of the well-known historian, essayist, former Trentino school principal, Franceso Laterza (director of the Association and of the periodical “NordSud” –humanity has no borders (based in Trentino and editorial staff also in Massafra).


A dialogue of the soul with the soul, his in presenting this poetic collection “Beyond the dark”. Actually he started by talking about the Poetry in general and of that which developed and manifested itself in the Massafra area, citing, among others, the well-known Espedito Iacovelli and the cultural work of the “Circolo Culturale Le Gravine” (which he himself directed in the 80s together with Peppe Marra) and including the author, Comasia Nitti, in the “list” of local poets, who has compared, for some of her peculiarities of expression, to Dante and Petrarca.

With his particular sweetness, the speaker also brought out the vision of an almost enchanted world, where the protagonist is love that allows us to go beyond the dark”. He let several of the poems in the collection be savored, in turn giving clear and compelling elucidations as a critic. A long intervention by the speaker concerned the poetics of Comasia Nitti, which, despite the fact that in some respects it is still to be refined (as he said), in many others captivates and involves the reader with the emotions expressed, which “touch” his soul. Finally, he returned to highlighting the author’s artistic profile, previously also mentioned by Don Fernando Balestra, and the commented reading of two other poems, “I walked” and “Life is waiting”, which brings together the living every day, made up of “expectations” and the more “religious” expectation of a “new” day at every sunrise.

To cheer and lighten the spirits of those present, with his music, performed on the piano, Maestro Luigi Laterza, a young promise from Massafra, who unleashed high emotions, sometimes almost “mystical”, also given the sacredness of the location.

To captivate everyone with depth of mind the actors with their impeccable declamations.

Verses upon verses that enthused in the exceptional declamation, with the sweet background music of M° Luigi Laterza, now by the professional actor (also director) Francesco Casulli, and now by the sensitive actress Luisa De Giorgio.

The actor Francesco Casulli, artistic director of the theater company “La Rupe” (inter alia interpreter of many plays and three films), declaimed the poems “In another dimension”, “The wounds of my soul” , “Lying in the sun” and “Thunderstorm”.

The Tarantino actress Luisa De Giorgio, among other things literary animator, declaimed “L’Aurora”, “Le parole”, “But it’s not enough for you” and “I dream about you”.


Theirs is a great success. And many (the church was full) wanted to listen to them again. At the end of the evening, another piece performed by Maestro Laterza and then many, moved, to congratulate the author Comasia Nitti, moved in turn by her (also by the availability that those present gave to the food collection organized on that occasion).

We recall that the author, born exactly Nitti Comasia, Antonia, has been writing poetry since she was young, has participated in various competitions and several of her poems have been included in anthologies and catalogues. Among other things, she was a finalist in the “J. Prévert” and “Calycanthus” and among the winners of the “Ulisse” Competition. In addition to the volume presented, she is also the author of the collection of poems “Voli di Pensiero”. We also remember her as a songwriter. Her love for music, always her life partner, also pushed her to specialize at the CET of Maestro Mogol.

To contact her, just send an e-mail:

To request the book, contact the Pagine publishing house – e-mail:

In Massafra you can try it at Salvatore Fuggiano’s “I@man” bookshop and at the Cartolibreria (formerly Buffetti) located in Piazza V. Emanuele. Also available on Amazon.

Nino Bellinvia

In the photos of Antonio Clemente: 1) Don Fernando Balestra with the deputy mayor and councilor for Culture Domenico Lasigna, prof. Francesco Laterza (speaker), the author Comasia Nitti and Francesca Rizzato (Vice President of the “Agorà” Association). 2) The author Comasia Nitti. 3) The actors – declaimers Luisa De Giorgio and Francesco Casulli with the author Nitti in the middle. 4) Maestro Luigi Laterza, the president of the Ass. Agorà M° Antonello Tannoia, the author Comasia Nitti and the vice president of the Agorà Francesca Rizzato. 5) The cover of the book “Beyond the dark”.


Music and emotions with Comasia Nitti, author of “Beyond the dark” –