Navarra joins the State Alliance for the fight against inequalities and child poverty

The president of Navarra, María Chivite, signed this Friday a agreement with the High Commissioner for Fight Against Child PovertyErnesto Gasco, by which the Foral Community joins the state alliance to fight against inequalities and child poverty.

The signing of the agreement was also attended by the delegate of the Government in Navarra, José Luis Arasti, and the councilors of the Foral Government in matters of Economic and Business Development, Mikel Irujo; of Education, Carlos Gimeno; of Social Rights, Carmen Maeztu; of Health, Santos Indurain; and of Citizen Relations, Ana Ollo.

In his speech, Chivite pointed out that it is a cross-cutting and interdepartmental project and that these types of issues must be addressed “from the set of public policies”. Among the main objectives of the alliance, it has highlighted aligning efforts and facilitating the coordination of all the actors involved, measuring results, or mobilizing new resources to fight against child poverty, among others.

After highlighting the “successful experiences” of Navarre in this matter, the president assured that the Foral community is “in total harmony” with this country alliancewhich he has described as an “essential tool to face one of the greatest challenges we face as a society”.

In addition, he has pointed out that Navarra is the community “with the lowest rate of poverty and exclusion” and that school dropout has been reduced from 14% to 9%. In this sense, he has indicated that “only through education can we achieve equal opportunities.” “If poverty is a situation that moves us, moves us and challenges us, child poverty has that face of special vulnerability that reminds us that we cannot allow that there are children who, practically from birth, are destined for a future of precariousness. and deficiencies”, he claimed, after betting on the right “to a life with opportunities and hope for all people”.

For his part, Gasco considered that this signature “dignifies us all a little” and that the Government of Navarra “is a reference model” because “it is the first territory that has universalized some of the essential structural measures to change the situation”. After assuring that the reduction of child poverty “is not only an act of volunteerism”, but the result of a “commitment and structural changes”, Gasco has claimed that “only with structural measures can the situation be changed”.

“You are a reference model for many communities in universalizing rights and benefits”, Gasco has assured, after considering that it is not “only” about economic transfers or fiscal aid, but also scholarships, universalization of school canteens, or the reduction of school dropouts are “keys” so that “the youngest can compete” in society “with the necessary tools to find decent jobs”.

“There is a lot to do, the Government of Navarra is taking steps in the right direction, it is a reference model, and in this line today’s signature is very important for this High Commissioner”, he pointed out, after adding that this alliance The Foral Community already has 200 members “it is one of the first regional governments to join”.

Among the members of the alliance are NGOs, the business sector, experts, professors, professors and the media, among others.

Navarra joins the State Alliance for the fight against inequalities and child poverty