Nine years of the Film Festival: in these hours the programming will be known

The programming of the ninth edition of the Argentine Film Festival “Leonardo Favio”, to be organized by the municipality between the October 8 and 15on the Avenue and with free entrance to everything It will be the return of the proposal, one of the most relevant events on our annual art and culture billboard, after two years ‘game over’ due to the pandemic.

Strictly speaking, this edition will be uncorked on Friday, October 7 (first day of an ‘extra large’ weekend, for the holidays), occasion in which the commune will summon the community in general to the celebrations of the ninth year of Cine Avenida since its reopening under municipal management; In this party framework, the ninth edition of the festival created and directed by the filmmaker Paul Bucca, and a work directed by Favio will be broadcast on a giant screen on the sidewalk of the cultural building, as has happened on each occasion; this time, it could be Dreaming, dreaming, but it will be defined soon. The programming in competition for the Golden Scarf will begin to unfold on Monday 9, in the room “María Esther ‘Chiquita’ Domeño”.

Ten documentary feature films, ten fiction films and a much higher number of short films will participate, based on the large number of works of that registry sent from all over the country. The selectors are this time Nadia S Marchione (has been almost since the beginning), Ana Colato Y Enzo Garay, who are two young people from Bolivar who do not live in the city (Ana is also an audiovisual producer, and a short of hers will be exhibited this time). The grid will reflect the country’s cinema, since it will be conformed with a federal perspective, although there will be an inevitable preponderance of CABA given that a majority of the films sent belong to filmmakers from the country’s main city, whether we like it or not. The female quota and the gender perspective are also taken into account when deciding which films to show, Nadia Marchione, at this point the main organizer and something like the turbine of the festival, told this newspaper.

One novelty is that this year the short films will be concentrated on one day, while the rest of the week there will be only feature films, two fiction films in the afternoon and evening, and two documentaries, in the morning and after noon. (The schedules will be defined this week; the documentaries will go during school hours to be worked on pedagogically with educational institutions in the city.) There will be screenings of short films by local filmmakers, such as the cases of the aforementioned Colato, Guido Bovina, Marco Lanzoni, Camila García Unzué, Franco Campo and Nico Ruiz, and the long-delayed new feature film by Miguel Francisco will be released, The Subtlety of Forms, starring Nadia Marchione alongside Fabricio Real, Claudio Medina and Marcelo ‘Chamaco’ Valdez, among others; is the posthumous film by Oscar Alfredo Pícoli, who died in March of last year and participated in all of ‘Miky’.

All works will compete for the Golden Handkerchief, which will be awarded to the winning works according to what the juries appointed for that purpose choose. There will be one winner in each category, plus the mentions that the experts decide to include. In fiction feature film, the prize will be 200 thousand pesos; in documentary, 100 thousand, and the winning short film will be awarded 60 thousand. These resources are provided by the municipality, but this edition will also be financially supported by subsidies sent by INCAA and the National Ministry of Culture within the framework of the National Festivals program, surely because our festival has a national character. and for this reason it is transformed every year into a cultural event that exceeds the borders of Bolivar.

There will be some special or complementary activities during the week, such as an exhibition, in the hall of the projection room, inspired by the figure of Leonardo Favio and coordinated by the visual artist Paula Danessa, and a film criticism contest for high school students. and tertiary.

No ‘luminaries’ of the Argentine entertainment world are announced to accompany this ninth edition, but figures will surely emerge at the last minute to decorate the program, either as jurors (the names are not yet defined) or as filmmakers -actors, actresses, directors , producers- of the films that we will see for eight days, plus some special guests.

Beautiful day

What does the return of the festival mean after two years fallen by the pandemic?
Marchione: -It is an enormous joy to be able to host a film festival again, receive a lot of people from outside, have meetings with colleagues, bring Bolivarian productions closer to other people and that our people can chat with the filmmakers and film makers, the workers of the seventh national art. Recovering the meeting in the room, the subsequent talk and the shared projections, that kind of coexistence that occurs for a week and that we had lost in the last two years, is but beautiful.

Chinese Castro.

Nine years of the Film Festival: in these hours the programming will be known – Diario La Mañana