November 20, 2022: let’s celebrate World Children’s Day! This year the focus is on mental health

In Trento: from 16 to 27 November “RIGHTS ON THE MOVE“- Sustainability, environment and peace

In Ravenna: 21/11 at 17 discussion with many voices on the topic “Rights at stake” at the Classense Library in via Baccarini, 5; 21/11 inauguration of an interactive exhibition on the right to play “Playful Hybrid” at Biblioteca Classense Manica Lunga, via Baccarini 3/A (the exhibition will be open until 5 January 2023)

TO Varese: On 20 November, theatrical show for adults and children, in Varese, at the Teatro di Sant’Ambrogio in support of UNICEF. in Pavia, on 25 November in Vigevano opera concert in support of UNICEF AT 9.00 pm in the S. Dionigi auditorium. In Mantua: on 20 November, starting at 17.30 there will be a musical event Notes of Hope” at theAuditorium of the “L.Campiani” Conservatory.

On November 20, starting at 9:00 in Bolognaat the Emilia-Romagna Carabinieri Legion Command (Piazzetta de Servi, 3) there will be a show curated by the students of the Comprehensive Institutes of Bologna and the province participating in the program UNICEF “Friendly School”. While a Imola (Bo) on 25/11 there will be the March for the rights of childhood and adolescence organized by the Istituto Comprensivo n° 5 of Imola adhering to the “Scuola Amica” program of UNICEF.

November 23rd In Padova the UNICEF committee in collaboration with the provincial school office organizes the conference We give citizenship to rights. The UNICEF educational proposal for the teaching of civics”. While a Codevigo (Padua) the November 20th the event will be held from 10 to 16 “Online for Rights” with moments of reflection on rights and various workshops that will follow one another throughout the day.

In Genoa on 20 November starting at 9.30 am event for the inauguration of the Exhibition “The Girls and the Boys Speak” at the UNICEF space in Piazza de Ferrari. During the day, the lantern, symbol of the city of Genoa, will be illuminated in blue. While the November 18th from 9.30 to 12.30, to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the birth of the Convention there will be a walk and climb along the Mount Gazzo. TO Spice on November 20th from 14 to 18 a series of initiatives in Piazza Garibaldi, including “Fire City” with the support of the National VVFF Corps; laboratories with the support of COOPSELIOS/COCEA dedicated to the construction of cities with recycled materials; creation of 2 courses “Track of the caps”; moreover, a space will be dedicated to the works created in the nursery schools, kindergartens and primary schools of the city.

Pesaro: 20/11 starting at 15.30 at the headquarters of the UNICEF meeting point in via Mazzolari, 6, workshops and activities will be held with girls and boys entitled “This is me”. The exhibition of creations made by the students of the Mengaroni art school will also be inaugurated.

Moving on to central Italy, in Pisa: from 20 to 26 November will be held “The Workshop of Solidarity” with various initiatives that will have the Pigotta. The activities involving schools and associations will be held at the “Spazio Cascina” in Via Matteotti, 43. In Marina di Pisa the second edition of the event “The Role of the Game” at the CRI seaside resort in via Litoranea, 68.

To Avezzano: at the Orsini Castle, a week of events, from 20 to 27 November, dedicated to UNICEF and childhood rights. In Frosinone dozens of schools in the provinces have been involved in self-portrait exhibitions for “Quest is me”.

Moving on to the south, ad Isernia: on 19 November, in the Giunti bookshop, at the “In piazza” shopping centre, starting at 4 pm, an afternoon of workshops and readings for children and families. In Naples on December 2, party in the square to celebrate November 20 and the birthday of UNICEF in Piazza Plebiscito.

Cosenza: On 21 November at 17.00, at the Library of the “M.Arnoni” Bar Association, in the Palace of Justice of Cosenzathe meeting “Protection of rights, Constitution and Advocacy” organized by the UNICEF Committee of Cosenza together with the order of lawyers and the Forensic School Foundation will take place

In Bari the presentation of the Report “Color Lives” at the Zaum bookshop in Via Carrassi; on 19 November at 9.00 a Round Table on Rights will be held at the Istituto Preziosissimo Sangue. On the 21st a meeting will be held with young people on rights issues at Istituto Margherita and on the 23rd a meeting on the rights and participation of young people at UNIBA with the participation of Guarantor Childhood and Adolescence Puglia.

TO Triggiano (Ba): November 19 at 9.00: workshops at the Amici e Amore cooperative while a Molfetta (Ba) on 20 November, starting at 18.30, the seminar “Let’s decorate the present with the smiles of the future” at the Ospedaletto dei Crociati.

TO Foggia: on 19 and 20 November on the occasion of the celebrations and thanks to the collaboration of the UNICEF Committee of Foggia with the local transport company ATAF, the Rights Bus will stop at various schools and will subsequently stop in front of the Villa Comunale where it will be possible to visit it: all ‘inside drawings, projects and drawings made by the boys. It will also be possible to adopt the pigotte created by the beneficiaries of the reception and integration projects of the Medtraining cooperative which collaborates with UNICEF Foggia in various initiatives in the area

In Cagliari on November 19th at 7.45 pm the musical show “Filastrocche ‘n’ Roll” will be held at the TsEin Theater in Via Quintino Sella.

November 20, 2022: let’s celebrate World Children’s Day! This year the focus is on mental health