NutrimentINPeriferia, double appointment at the theater with Angelo Campolo

In the coming days, as part of the NutrimentINPeriferia project, two shows will be staged in Messina featuring the actor and director Angelo Campolo. Sunday 20 November at 18.30, at the Teatro Annibale Maria di Francia, “To you and your family – History of an educational experience” written by Angelo Campolo and Giulia Drogo with live music by Giorgia Pietribiasi, a production Daf Project; and on Friday 25 November, Campolo will be staged in matinee for the schools in the Aula Magna Vittorio Ricevuto of the Papardo University Pole with “Stay Hungry investigazione di un affamato”, produced by Daf.

Angelo Campolo returns to the civil theater of narration, after the successful tour of Stay Hungry, staged in more than eighty Italian cities in the last two years, broadcast on Rai5 and RaiPlay and winner of numerous awards including “In box 2020”, important showcase of Italian contemporary theatre.

In “A te e famiglia”, with lightness and irony, Campolo traces a personal journey that starts from the educational experiences that actually took place with the children of the “Free to Choose” educational program promoted by judge Roberto Di Bella, current president of the Juvenile Court of Catania. The show offers a journey told in the first person and shared eye to eye with the audience, within difficult stories in search of redemption. One takes place in Messina, the other in Catania, two cities with very different criminal backgrounds. The protagonists are some young people to whom the State offers the possibility of freeing themselves from their families of origin, and the educators who, together with them, face a path of “testing” marked by errors, frustrations, but also by unexpected joys that allow the imaginary of winning over the real, opening up the space of the possible in apparently already marked life paths. The video projections signed by Giulia Drogo help to accompany the viewer on this journey punctuated by the original songs of the young singer-songwriter Giorgia Pietribiasi.

“The point of observation, through which I tell – reads Campolo’s director’s notes – is never “one-way”, but tries to offer testimony of how the encounter with certain realities is an opportunity for knowledge both for those who educates that for those who are educated. At least that’s how it was and continues to be for me. The public continues a process of discovery that is still alive because it refers to recent experiences in an attempt to highlight the need, I’m not saying to rewrite the boundaries between right and wrong, but at least to try to tell them in a different way. Catania, in this sense, is a symbolic city, the scene of the latest project carried out with the young people of the “Free to Choose” program. Marked by a high rate of crime and early school leaving, but nonetheless crossed by its proverbial “spirit of initiative and enterprise”, as demonstrated by the vitality of the boys I tell you that they have nothing of the stereotyped image of criminals. On the contrary. Quite the opposite. The drama and the conflict seem more to belong to an educational world often left to operate without means and with too few resources. In particular, I dwell on the figure of an educator, Teresa, inspired by various women I have met over the years, who generously offers all of herself to her work, becoming the “mother” of many children, but who paradoxically ends up losing the relationship with your child. This leads her to want to highlight the many cases of young mothers who suffer their maternity condition, often imposed as a coercive act by a criminal context and not only that, which wants to keep them chained to itself. Luckily many of them, especially in recent years, manage to resist and find the way to redemption. “Free to choose”, in this regard, was born from the will of a mother who finds the strength to ask for help from the institutions and free her son from a marked destiny”.

On Friday 25 November, Angelo Campolo will be on stage in the Aula Magna Vittorio Ricevuto of the Papardo University Campus with the award-winning show “Stay Hungry investigazione di un affamato” in a matinee dedicated to schools. Winner of the Sillumina Siae project and winner of the Nolo Fringe Festival and In-Box, “Stay Hungry” – scenic design by Giulia Drogo and assistant director Antonio Previti – is a powerful story that arises from the personal and daily experience of meeting and of listening to each other. Angelo Campolo takes us to his laboratories near the Strait where, through his personal approach, the meeting with a group of migrants marks the beginning of a special adventure. The theater game is transformed into a tool for reading the present and facing life.

The two pièces are part of the multidisciplinary project “From North to South” included in the wider NutrimentINPeriferia program by Nutrimenti Terrestri in partnership with Tao Scs. The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Messina for live entertainment events, thanks to a public tender that the Ministry has designed for the Metropolitan Cities and the relaunch of cultural activities in the suburbs. The cost of the ticket is 5 euros and reservations are made exclusively via Whatsapp message on 3517914291 or by email at

NutrimentINPeriferia, double appointment at the theater with Angelo Campolo