Orientations 2022, #CARE arrives the first conference of the “Ligurian school network that promotes health”

Genoa. In line with the main theme of the XX edition of the Orientations Exhibition #CAREthe Sala Maestrale of the Cotton Warehouses will host on November 15th from 10.30 the regional conference of the “Ligurian School Network that promotes health”.

The Conference represents an important opportunity to reflect and spread the culture of prevention within the school community, contemplating many aspects such as education for well-being and healthy nutrition, healthiness of the environments, the fundamental role of schools in this sector. .

After the institutional greetings of the Direction of the USR, of the Region and of A.Li.Sa, authoritative speakers will intervene, recounting, among other things, experiences of the network of Ligurian schools promoting these issues on health and well-being.

Prof. R. Galuffo – lecturer on these issues at the USR Liguriaunderlines: “the network between schools and other institutional actors was born with enthusiasm in 2017, carrying on, despite the pandemic emergency, a timely work up to today involving more than 150 schools. In fact, for us promoting health means maintaining a school environment that also favors the work of educational staff and learning ”.

For this purpose, in the morning session S. Salvini and R. Doninisi by A.Li.Sa. they will illustrate the concept of the science of prevention precisely to design effective interventions in different contexts. S. Vallino – referent professor of USR Liguria will offer useful reflections on the funds made available by the PNRR for school buildings and E. Nicosia with D. Colobraro they will talk about eco-friendly construction.

After a brief presentation of the regional document of good practices, by F. Varlesethe morning session will end with signing of the new Network Agreement between USR Liguria, A.Li.Sa. and the Liguria Region.

The Regional School Director, Antimo Ponticielloremember that the 2020/25 National Plan reserves space for one “School that Promotes Health”. The Ligurian training catalog on the A.Li.Sa. it includes various interventions on respect for the person, education in affectivity and sexuality, cyber bullying, nutrition and correct lifestyles and addictions. The Ligurian schools that have used health-related projects in the last year are 152, for a total of 15,250 pupils involved. An important result that confirms the value of this initiative.

Councilor Simona Ferro, with responsibility also for Aware Lifestyles, Youth Policies, Schools and Universities, argues that “the importance of this conference is evident, especially after these two years of health emergency where youngsters and children have paid a very high price and to protect them from a health point of view we have exposed them to other risks. Today, that the emergency period has passed, we must continue to protect them by trying to create a healthy school for young people, especially when it comes to adolescence. Adolescence is a fundamental moment of transition to adult life and is characterized by numerous changes, both from a physical and psychological point of view. In this period of life, lifestyles and behaviors that affect present and future health, such as alcohol abuse, tobacco consumption, drug use, new addictions such as those from social networks and behavioral pathologies with which we – adults – are not yet familiar with and much more. In this sense, the school represents a privileged educational and development context, as a proximal social environment in which young people spend a large part of their daily life, therefore able to influence their adaptation and well-being and this is the tension we must to keep going in the direction of imagining and then building a new and healthier school for our children, reflecting on the fact that protecting them is equivalent to protecting our future ”.

The afternoon session will see attendees at 14.30 the two well-known virologists Matteo Bassetti and Maria Elena Bottazzi, nominated for the Nobel Prize, who will discuss the “profession of taking care” of oneself and others, and the importance of learning and cultivating it as a child.

The conference will continue with interesting experiences carried out by schools, such as the administration of drugs at school in emergencies, by doctor A. Carpito continue with interventions by teachers and managers on home education and on the regional guidelines of the School in the hospital (SiO).

The day of work will end with the intervention of E. Benignoof the Educational Technologies Institute of the CNR, on the remarkable results collected by the Clipso project – to keep alive and effective the didactic relationship of the student at home in convalescence with his class.

Orientations 2022, #CARE arrives the first conference of the “Ligurian school network that promotes health” – Genoa 24