PDI Atacama joined the Earthquake and Tsunami drill on the regional coastline

The activity was led by the Regional Presidential delegate (s) Jorge Fernández, together with the national director of Onemi, Ricardo Toro, and the regional director of the organization, Roberto Muñoz

Starting at 11:50 a.m. this Thursday, November 10, the Atacama coastline was the epicenter of a local magnitude 8.5 earthquake drill and subsequent tsunami led by the Ministry’s National Emergency Office (Onemi). inland. The foregoing, with the aim of testing the level of preparation, the telecommunications system and the effectiveness of the flow of information and protocols in the face of this type of event.

During the exercise, more than 20,000 people moved to safe areas. About this, the delegate Jorge Fernández pointed out that “The evacuation of this exercise is very positive. The objective of this type of drill is to be able to see what the issues are and what is missing to contribute to the work and management of the municipality and its communal emergency team, generating projects to obtain necessary supplies. It is important to point out that the more prepared we are, the better we will face this type of event. Likewise, I would like to thank each of the mayors of the Atacama coastline, our seremis, police, Navy and Army, and all those who made themselves available to Onemi from the very beginning in order to carry out a coordinated effort to deliver information, prepare and evacuation to make this a successful drill.”

For his part, Ricardo Toro, national director of Onemi, indicated that “A community has to learn to live with risk and this type of activity is the only thing that will ensure that tomorrow people can safeguard their lives. In a tsunami risk area, people have to know what to do and make their own decisions in the event of an earthquake that, for example, makes them lose their balance. When that happens, they need to use the evacuation routes to a safe meeting point.” Likewise, Toro added that when an event of this type occurs, “an entire alert system is activated that works with firefighters and police officers, among other entities, in addition to the message alert system on their cell phones (…) I want to emphasize The importance of the population, when possible, evacuating with their emergency backpacks, since in these meeting points they can stay for several hours and have basic resources before the help of the State arrives is essential”.

Finally, the mayor of Caldera Brunilda González stressed that “for the municipalities along the coastline, this is of great importance, which is to remember that prevention and self-care are fundamental to what the culture of a highly seismic country means (…) It has been an impeccable job, very coordinated from our communal emergency team and, of course, to all the volunteers. We are here because we believe that prevention is the best element to avoid human damage and loss. The material is not the most important thing, it is the life of the people”.

For more information on how to prepare the emergency kit and how it can be prevented and planned as a family, you can access the website www.onemi.cl and review the Chile Preparado program.

PDI Atacama joined the Earthquake and Tsunami drill on the regional coastline