Varese Basketball and We Are Basketball – united under the auspices of VaRes, the container of “social care” red and white – and the Provincial School Office they presented the Varese School Cupa basketball tournament for Varese high school students that starts from the competitive dimension of basketball played to develop and enrich itself through various activities, with the intention of involving boys and girls, making them both recipients and protagonists .

As a historical sporting reality of the territory, the red and white club wants to promote an initiative that combines sports with the world of schoolwith an eye to the enhancement of young people and aggregation.

From the competitive side, the event looks like this: a tournament that will pit da January to May 2023 10 high schools in the Varese area (Stein Gavirate, Dalla Chiesa Sesto Calende, Volontè Luino, Ferraris Varese, ITET Casula Daverio Varese, Maria Ausiliatrice Varese, Manfredini Varese, Da Vinci – Pascoli Gallarate, Pantani Busto Arsizio, ISIS Bisuschio), with the teams that will face each other in three concentrations (which will be held on 01/02/2023 in Gavirate at the Stein Institute, on 06/02/2023 at the Palasport Lino Oldrini and on 10/02/2023 in Gallarate gym in Via Sottocosta) in the elimination phase, followed by quarterfinals and semifinals on dates yet to be defined. Grand finale on 06 May 2023 at the Palasport Lino Oldrini of Varese, with the presence of all the institutions that took part in the event.

Each stage will be enriched by one 3-point shooting match in which two players per team will be able to participate, with the final always on May 6 in Masnago. On the same date also the Cheerleader Contestin which the groups of cheerleaders who will support each school will compete.

Higher still the non-competitive goals: bring basketball to schools bringing the new generations closer to Varese basketball as practitioners and/or fans; promote the educational values ​​of sportunderstood as a carrier and amplifier of health, a vehicle of inclusion without gender distinctions and a promoter of values: respect, collaboration, commitment, integration, healthy competition; foster teamwork experience aimed at achieving the shared goal, experiencing feelings of belonging and bonding with one’s own group, with the school and, prospectively, with the territory; approach the world of work with a focus on the organization of activities which sports clubs must have.

Yes because the Varese School Cup will not only take place on a pitch, but it has engaged and will continue to engage students at school as well. The pupils of each institute were asked to devise the graphic idea of ​​the uniform that will represent them and a communication plan, also participating in meetings with the graphic and web designer Frances Cassaniwith ADR Communication, with Rachel Tarantino (guide of the B.Crewofficial corps de ballet of Pallacanestro Varese) and with theInspector Gabriele Maiera, L’adv. Paola Biancheri and the Dr. Valeria Resta, the latter organized to explore the issues of positive support and the relationship with all the players in the game universe (companies, opponents, referees and coaches)

«This is a special day for many reasons – he said Umberto Argieri, president of Il Basket Siamo Noi – I thank Luis Scola, promoter of this new role of the BSN within Pallacanestro Varese. Scola believed in the new BSN mission from day one, giving us great space. This project was born and grew also thanks to his impetus. Thanks also to all of you who are here, we are overjoyed with this project. Now the ball finally enters the field and passes into the hands of the boys».

«I am proud of this initiative, which involves 10 schools – he affirmedacted as the External Relations Manager of Pallacanestro Varese Raffaella Demattè – Thanks to anyone who has given us a hand and in particular to the provincial school office without which we would not have been able to set up the project».

«When Pallacanestro Varese and BSN came to my office to talk to me about this project, the reaction was “we absolutely have to be there” – added the Provveditore of Varese Joseph Carcano for the involvement of the students above all. Had I been presented with the same idea when I was a boy I would have thought it would have been a beautiful project. And then for schools, because as a former head teacher I say that this is a provocation for schools: it is not easy for school heads to involve students in activities by “taking away space” from traditional ones. And instead we are here and I therefore say thanks to the institutes that have embraced the project ».

Also to be revealed during the presentation press conference the jerseys that will be worn by the student athletes: “On the shirts – said the secretary of the trust Paula Bianchieri you see the logos of the teams, translated from the ideas of the boys thanks to the precious and essential work of Massimo Rivolta and the Trenta Group. These logos will also be on the t-shirts that will be donated to 50 fan-boys from each school; we hope to be able to prepare even more. I also hope to see the arena full on May 6 when the final takes place. I also thank Goglio SpA, the first sponsor to have said yes, the Municipality of Varese, with the councilor Stefano Malerba who immediately embraced the project, the FIP which also thought of the training of the referees, the Varese Sport Commission and the Community Foundation of Varese».

Even from a communicative point of view, things will be done on a grand scale, starting from the profiles Instagram and Facebook of the Cup: «Our idea is that they become dynamic profiles, there is time to make them grow, creating content every week – explained Argieri – The main actors will be the students, who will have in hand a tool with which to get involved and not just a channel. The second key topic will be the media: in these days we have asked for partnerships with the 5 most important local media, Prealpina, VareseNoi, VareseNews, VareseSport, Malpensa24. The idea is not just to spread the news, but to build this news together».

And tomorrow? She mentioned it John Todiscoteacher and coach of the Varese Basketball: «Ten schools is already a great goal, in the coming years we will try to increase the number, not only at the provincial level but also from other provinces. Just like the Varese Basketball project, so does the Varese Basket School: interest in these projects is growing. We have had interest from Milan and also from Canton Ticino. There is work to be done, we have time, but we are already starting to think about it. There are those who preceded us, starting many years ago, such as Reyer Venezia, which started with 8 institutes and now has 48. We already have contacts with them and we are also thinking of an interregional final. In short, the ideas are many. There is energy and enthusiasm».

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PHOTO – Varese School Cup: the province of basketball lets its young students take to the field