Potosinos were scammed with tickets for Corona Capital and Bad Bunny

The travel company Excel Music Tours defaulted nearly 100 people

By: Bernardo Vera and Ana G. Silva

The orchestra received at least a dozen messages from people who were scammed by Excel Music Tours, a company from San Luis Potosí dedicated to organizing trips and tours to concerts and other massive events. It is estimated that the number of victims would be hundreds, because only for the Corona Capital festival, which took place last weekend, 60 people were affected; while a fraud of 10 tickets for the Bad Bunny concert that will take place in December has been recorded.

The complainants identified a person named Rodolfo Gutiérrez as the owner of the travel company, and accuse him of overselling packages for the Corona Capitahe; It turned out that when she received the tickets for the festival, she realized that they were not enough, so on the day of the trip she sent cancellation messages to the clients.

“My indignation goes to the fact that I was even in the travel group since Tuesday, Thursday at nine at night they call me telling me that I don’t have a trip. As it is. When going to complain to the offices, Rodolfo himself told me that the tickets arrived on Tuesday and he realized that he did not complete ”.

In another of the complaints, a series of irregularities was revealed, where despite traveling and accessing the first day without inconvenience, the second day there was a situation:

“Half an hour passed and they let us know that the tickets were already on their way. Another hour passed and we decided to see what happened. One of the coordinators told us ‘guys, I’m honestly like you guys’; the person who has the tickets in this case the person “Rodolfo” owner of the company did not tell him what was happening. They told us where this “Rodolfo” was and several of those affected went looking for him since they said he was at gate 15. We arrived, surrounded him and demanded the tickets, to which he replied “I don’t have them, my suppliers looked bad on me, It was someone else’s fault.” The police arrived and were about to take him away, but his sister came to his defense, alleging that if they took him away, the people who bought the three-day package would be left without lodging, since they were in his name. In the parking lot, he promised to give the value of two tickets and signed promissory notes for us. Some affected decided to go for resale so as not to miss their bands. We couldn’t get back to the bus because the driver came to open it until 12 at night, so we were ‘thrown out’ without a ticket, ”he shared.

The young people affected by the company expect their money back, but They are not sure that the agency complies because they only signed a promissory note, and Gutiérrez argued that he did not have money at that time to make the return. He said it would take until mid-December to return the cash.

The packages offered by the company were three, one for $8,590 that included tickets for the three days of Corona Capital, transportation and lodging; another for $5,700, with transportation, lodging and tickets for two days of the festival and the package that was only for transportation and a ticket. Those affected were those who bought for two days, they were only able to enter last Friday, but their accesses were not delivered to them on Saturday.

A person contacted this medium to report that they bought 10 tickets for the Bad Bunny concert, each with a value of 5,200 pesos, however, since what happened in the Corona Capital, the organizer has disappeared.

At the close of this edition, the company Excel Music Tours was contacted by The orchestra to request clarification on this matter, however, there was no response on the telephone line available on the internet, and their social networks are observed as having been taken down. The last publication that the company was able to observe was on its Twitter account, made on October 6.

The complainants also They mentioned that they went to the company’s offices, which are empty; also the address that “Rodolfo” sent to his clients through an official identification is false.

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Potosinos were scammed with tickets for Corona Capital and Bad Bunny