Puebla adds 31 arrests of former politicians in three years of the 4T

With the arrest of the former mayor of Ciudad Serdán, Juan Navarroon November 16, 2019 to November 2022 in Puebla, there are 31 political actors arrested for crimes of embezzlement, diversion of resources, corruption, sexual violence, torture, homicide and even femicide.

Added to this arrest was the one on November 8 of the PAN member, the former mayor of Tecamachalco, Ines Saturnino, for acts with the appearance of a crime; as well as that of the former political operator, Eric Cotoñeto Carmonawho was arrested in the early hours of October 1 of this year in the municipality of Zacatlán, for the crime of carrying a weapon and narcotics, however hours later he was released.

Arrest 28 was dated September 3. It was about the former mayor of Tepeyahualco, Eyerim Espinosa Sosafor giving permits for the construction of a pier around the Alchichica lagoon, which would have generated environmental damage.

From 2019 to November 2022, a former governor, a former gubernatorial candidate, former mayors, former state officials, a former federal deputy, even a former auditor have been detained in Puebla, without partisan distinction, since the profiles that have stepped on or are still in jail belong to the PRI, the PAN, PRD, PSI and Morena.

Morenista, the first detainee

The former mayor of Tehuacán, Felipe Patjane, was the first official arrested in the administration of Barbosa Huerta. The morenista was deprived of his liberty by court order in November 2019 at the Mexico City International Airport (AICM) for alleged acts of corruption while he was in charge of the town hall of this municipality.

The second was the PAN member and main political operator of former governor Rafael Moreno Valle, Eukid Castañonwho in March 2020 was linked to the process for the alleged crimes of false statements, extortion, threats and operations with resources of illegal origin. In January 2022, the former federal deputy was transferred to the Durango prison.

The third arrest occurred in July 2020, since Óscar “C”, who served as a former senior officer of the SEP Ministry of Public Education during the interim government of Guillermo Pacheco Pulido, was accused of cost overruns that exceeded 30 million pesos in delivery of school uniforms

Marín Torres falls in February 2021

2021 started with the arrest on February 4 of former governor Mario Marín Torresby agents of the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR), in Acapulco, for the crime of torture of journalist Lydia Cacho. The former president was wanted for almost two years, under charges of detention and torture against the journalist in 2005.

Likewise, in that month of 2021, one of his closest collaborators was also arrested: Valentin Meneses Rojas, accused of corruption during the Marinista administration (2005-2011). However, Meneses Rojas, who also served as Secretary of the Interior and of Communications and Transportation, was released from prison on May 13, 2021 thanks to an amparo and is facing his legal process from his home.

The sixth arrest was for the former mayor of San Andrés Cholula, the blue and white Leoncio Paisano, captured in April 2021, after being accused of breach of duty and property damage for 42 million pesos. A year later he was released and acquitted with a periodic signature precautionary measure.

In May 2021, the former legal director and the former head of the Office of the General Administrative Directorate of the Infrastructure Secretariat during the administration of former governor Rafael Moreno Valle were linked to a criminal proceeding for making irregular payments of 107 million pesos. . The former officials were identified as Alfonso Siriako Guillén Almaguer and Froylán Pedraza Bouchan, respectively, who were designated by the agency as allegedly responsible for committing crimes in the public administration and in other branches of public power.

Detention 9 occurred in June 2021 against the former president of Jalpan (2002-2005): Evelio Rodriguez by diversion of resources; Y Jose Guadalupe Huchim Aguilar, secured and linked to the process on August 4, 2021, under charges of improper exercise of public functions, although it was reported that he would continue his process in freedom. Huchim Aguilar served as administrative coordinator of the Puebla city council and head of the Department of Projects of the Secretary of State Social Development in the Morenovallista administration.

On August 4, under the same charges, he was arrested Antonio Velasco Argüello, Legal Director of the Poblano Administrative Committee for the Construction of Educational Spaces (Capcee) from 2016-2019. the brunette Saul Huerta occupies position 12 in the detention chronology, since on August 19, 2021 he was captured by alleged crimes of rape and sexual abuse, both to the detriment of minors, a situation that caused him to lose his candidacy to be re-elected in the 11th District of Puebla as a federal deputy. On July 26 of this year, a federal judge overturned the claims of the former federal deputy from Morena to recover his freedom, because the victim of whom he allegedly sexually abused him “granted pardon”.

One more arrest occurred on August 27 against Servando Arizpe Campos, former mayor of Tzicatlacoyan, for carrying an illegal weapon. In place 14 was placed Alejandro “M”, former mayor of Quecholac by the acronym of the PSI, who was taken to prison in September 2021, accused of embezzlement and abuse of authority. In that month, the former mayor of Honey fell for patrimonial damage and embezzlement, Angel Lopez Cabrera. Likewise, the former general director of the Puebla College of Bachelors (Cobaep), Victor Hugo Islandswas arrested for the crime of embezzlement and a complaint from his ex-wife Aurora “N”for political gender violence.

On the 17th there was also the arrest of Calixto Gonzalez Montero, the mayor of Tepatlaxco de Hidalgo for abuse of authority; followed by the former mayor of Zoquitlán, Roberto Victor Bolaños, for embezzlement Isidro Espinosa Fuentesformer mayor of Zapotitlán Salonas in the period 2014-2018, was captured for crimes against the Public Treasury.

The year 2021 closed with the insurance of 20 of Bernardo Fernandez Tanusformer private secretary of Fernando Manzanilla Prietowho was accused of looting actions in Casa Puebla, but in March 2022 he was released.

Facundo Rosas and Aréchiga, arrested in 2022

2022 began with the 21st arrest of the former head of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), Facundo Rosas, after running over a woman with his car and causing death in the Álvaro Obregón mayor’s officebut on July 20 of this year he was released after facing manslaughter charges in Mexico City.

On February 26 of this year, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) confirmed the arrest of Francis ‘N’who served as head of the Superior State Audit Office (ASE) until He was suspended from office as a precautionary measure after being linked to proceedings for the crime of family violence. Two days later, the former head of the Ministry of Mobility and Transportation was also stopped on the Atlixco-Izúcar de Matamoros federal highway, Guillermo Arechigafor his alleged relationship with acts of corruption during his duties as a public servant, despite being part of the cabinet of Miguel Barbosa Huerta.

On February 28, the former director of the Museums of Puebla, Juan Carlos “N”, while he was inside his art gallery located in the El Alto neighborhood, at 12 Norte between 8 and 15 Oriente, near Paseo de San Francisco, that although in the informative statement of his arrest, the reasons were not specified .

In May 2022, the mayor of Acatlán de Osorio, Arturo Cajica He was arrested by elements belonging to the State Investigation Agency (AEI) attached to the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), for improper exercise of public functions and cover-up, since he made appointments of municipal police officers who did not have the Single Police Certificate . In June of this year he was released under an amparo, but he was reprimanded again for illicit enrichment.

On June 7, the former candidate for governor was arrested in the capital of Puebla, Javier Lopez Zavalafor the femicide against his ex-partner Cecilia Monzon, lawyer and activist. The former tricolor was designated as the intellectual author. On July 20, the former Secretary of the Interior in the Marinista government was transferred to the Altiplano federal prison.

On July 6, due to his alleged relationship with the crimes of concealment, improper exercise of public functions and homicide, the apprehension of Miguel Angel “N”, municipal president of Piaxtla, whom elements of the State Investigation Agency (AEI) presented before the ministerial authorities for his legal process. The arrest of the mayor would be related to the death of Angel “N”45, who lost his life inside the General Hospital of Acatlán de Osorio, after his body presented various injuries after allegedly being beaten while he was detained at the Piaxtla headquarters.

Finally, in the first days of November an investigation was launched against the former council of Ciudad Serdán, for which the former mayor Juan Navarro was arrested, among other officials.


Puebla adds 31 arrests of former politicians in three years of the 4T