Quebec mourns the disappearance of Jean Lapointe

On ICI RDI, his son Jean-Marie Lapointe said that the last weeks and hours spent with his father at Maison Saint-Raphaël, a palliative care center in Montreal, had been very touching. It went smoothlyhe explained.

Yes, [il y a eu] the great theatres, the Place des arts, its successes at the cinema, its extremely touching and comic numbers. But Dad, until very recently, told us that his greatest pride was Maison Jean Lapointe, he added. He was a man with a big heart, who dared his vulnerability and made a work of it.

Jean-Marie Lapointe fondly remembers his father, the great comedian, humorist, singer and man of commitment Jean Lapointe.

His daughter Anne Elizabeth Lapointe, who now runs Maison Jean Lapointe, also underlined her father’s sensitivity and the fact that he was outgoing. My father was a very generous and very good person. I think people also saw him in his public image, he was such a genuine person.

Anne Elizabeth Lapointe, now general manager of Maison Jean-Lapointe, tells us about her father.

Tributes from Yvon Deschamps and Jean-Pierre Ferland

In interview with Patrick Roy for the Newscast 6 p.m.Yvon Deschamps compared the disappearance of Jean Lapointe to a big black hole. He had a terrible charisma and charm, the likes of which I had never seen before. Everyone talks about his talent, and it’s an exceptional talent, but the charisma was also more than exceptional.

He praised the hardworking side of Jean Lapointe, although the latter’s way of creating was sometimes special. He said to me: “my best songs, I wrote them in less than half an hour”. “If it takes more than half an hour, it’s not a good song.”


The singer, comedian and ex-senator Jean Lapointe died, several personalities highlight his career. Yvon Deschamps in interview with Patrice Roy at Téléjournal.

The announcement of the death of Jean Lapointe put down Jean-Pierre Ferland, who had become friends with the artist when he started singing. He was very successful, so when he told us that we were good and that we made beautiful songs, we were first on the back, he recalled, in an interview with ICI RDI. We said to ourselves: “Can Jean Lapointe find me good?”

I loved it […] He was a very complex being who loved everyone. […] Talking to him was wonderful. »

A quote from Jean-Pierre Ferland

Singer-songwriter Jean-Pierre Ferland was a friend of Jean Lapointe. He tells us about it.

Tears of comedians

Jean Lapointe having shone with his comedic talents during his career, several comedians paid tribute to him on Friday.

[Il ] was a man of heart, a great humorist of my childhood, but also and above all one of the greatest dramatic actors of the last decades (Duplessis, Orders etc.)tweeted comedian Guy Nantel.

His colleague Dany Turcotte hailed the authenticity with which Jean Lapointe had carved out a place in the hearts of Quebecers.

As for Jean-Michel Anctil, he thanked Jean Lapointe for giving him the taste of becoming a comedian. The first comedy show I saw on stage was Jean Lapointe and I remember saying to my mother, one day you will come here and I will be on stage.he said on Facebook.

On ICI RDI, Daniel Lemire declared that he had no never felt like it came close. I had the chance to do a number with him, which I still hear about and where he accompanied me on the piano. For me it was a lesson in show business. He had incredible talent and ease, he had fallen into it when he was little.

A magical actor

The pain is also great within the Quebec cinema community. Comedian Pierre-Luc Brillant praised thegenius actor and singer who was Jean Lapointe.

On RDI, France Castel pointed out that Jean Lapointe was a fabulous actor. I remember him under the direction of André Forcier, with whom he really had a rather exceptional bond. There is no other actor like Jean Lapointe, he was the equivalent of Jean Gabin. He was extraordinary.


Singer and actress France Castel reacts to the death of Jean Lapointe.

Denise Filiatrault shared the big screen with Jean Lapointe, starring with him in once upon a time in the eastdirected by André Brassard in 1974.

He is a very great actor, one of the greatest we have seen. […] He was extraordinary, but I don’t know if he realized that at the time. »

A quote from Denise Filiatrault, actress, director and director

Filmmaker André Forcier also worked with Jean Lapointe, having him play in Hot water, water fret that he had written while thinking of him. He was a magical actor, who was very involved in the character, who transformed him and made him awfully accessible.

Another actor to have filmed with Jean Lapointe: Michel Barette. Having interpreted his son in Jean Lapointe’s latest film, Origin of a cry, by Robin Aubert, Michel Barette had the impression of having lost his father this Friday.

I’m so proud to have been able to share scenes with him. […] Every time I appeared in front of him, he embodied all his humanity and all his tenderness.


Comedian and actor Michel Barrette, who shared the screen with Jean Lapointe in Robin Aubert’s “A l’origine d’un cri”, remembers the natural acting of this great actor.

He also praised the entire contribution of this multi-talented artist. If we’re comedians on stage today, it’s a lot thanks to Jean, he says. If actors were able to believe that they could be credible on screen without having gone to theater school, it is once again thanks to Jean. If people have stopped thinking that alcoholics are drunks, good for nothing, it’s thanks to Jean.

Louise Latraverse starred in Origin of a cry alongside Michel Barette and Jean Lapointe. On ICI RDI, she remembered an actor with whom it was pleasant to work and generous in compliments. He was a nice man who liked actors. He always found us good.

Playing with Jean Lapointe made us become good, she added. With Jean, you can’t be fake, you can’t miss your pumps.


The actress Louise Latraverse rubbed shoulders with Jean Lapointe, notably on the sets of the films “Les Ordres” and “À l’origine d’un cri”.

Jean Lapointe in Maurice Duplessis

The columnist specializing in cinema Michel Coulombe confided, still to ICI RDI, that he had the impression of having lost a member of his family. When I was a child, no artist came to see us on the North Shore, except for Gilles Vigneault, who was somewhat obliged since he came from the region, and Les Jérolas, of which Jean Lapointe was a member. From that moment, he was present in my life and in our lives.

In addition to cinema, Jean Lapointe had distinguished himself on television, playing former Prime Minister Duplessis in the eponymous miniseries. [C’est] a role he had thanks to Denys Arcand, screenwriter of the series. He bit into the dialogues in an extraordinary way, explained Michel Coulombe. He embodied the calculating side of the character quite memorably.

Actor Michel Forget was also part of the cast of Duplessis. He could do anything. He could imitate, he could sing, he could play. There are people like that who have this blessed gift of being able to do anything. And he was believable!he said about this good guy […] fundamentally funny.

He lived a beautiful and successful life. Farewell John. If it’s true that there is a paradise, well, we’ll meet again there.

Tributes on television and radio

In 2013, Jean Lapointe granted his son Jean-Marie an interview that would not be made public until after his death. The public will be able to hear these confidences on Sunday, at 9:05 p.m., on TVA. This hour-long program entitled For one last time… Jean Lapointe is already available on the TVA+ platform.

Radio-Canada will also devote part of its programming to the late artist by broadcasting the documentary Jean Lapointe: to life, to love, this Friday, at 8 p.m., on ICI RDI. ICI ARTV will rebroadcast the miniseries Duplessis from Tuesday 22 to Friday 25 November then from Monday 28 to Wednesday 30 November, at 4 p.m.

Saturday, at 9 p.m., ICI Première will offer the major maintenancean hour, that Franco Nuovo had produced with Jean Lapointe in 2016. Thirty minutes of this interview will be broadcast on Saturday, at 8:30 a.m., in Draw me a morning.

Quebec mourns the disappearance of Jean Lapointe