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The Liceo Artistico Nervi-Severini of Ravenna is the first upper secondary school in Italy to introduce menstrual leave for female students who request it.

This was established by a resolution signed by the principal Gianluca Dradi approved in recent days by the Institute Council and subsequently published in recent days on the school’s digital register. Each female student afflicted with dysmenorrhea (the typical inflammation of the uterus of the menstrual period) certified will be able to be absent from lessons for two days a month, without these being included in the overall count.

Menstrual leave in a high school in Ravenna, how it works

Menstrual leave in a high school in Ravenna, the reflection behind this decision explained by the protagonists.

The starting point was the legislation governing the number of absences that each student can “take” during the school year: the document states that at least 75% of the days of the entire school year must be completed, consequently the ceiling for absences is set at a threshold of 25%. Anyone who exceeds this threshold risks failing or not being admitted to the high school exams if attending the last year of studies.

However, the legislation itself presents conditions which authorize a granting of the derogation: this is the case of extremely serious and certified illnesses, or any absence for reasons deemed legitimate by the school management. Menstrual leave fits in the middle, exploiting the interpretation of the law without however falling into a form of crime.

The student representatives on the high school council brought the problem to the attention of the principal, collecting 16 testimonials from female students regularly attending. Hence the request to apply the request for menstrual leave on the basis of the legislation in force in Spain, which facilitates girls afflicted by this condition.

As Principal Dradi explained, “we communicate to students that the school recognizes their problems and needs through a democratic process that takes shape within the decision-making bodies of the school“. Specifically, students with certified dysmenorrhea will be able to present only one medical certificate per year, to be recognized the right to take advantage of two days of absence for each month, without these affecting the maximum number of hours allowed for the purposes of validity of the certificate. ‘school year.

There was no shortage of ironic comments from the web.

Who is Gianluca Dradi, the headmaster against the tide

In the Ravenna school chronicle, the figure of Gianluca Dradi his being in contrast with many colleagues is quite well known.

Only a few weeks another revolutionary law had been approved, namely the recognition of “career aliases” that allow gender-fluid students to be called by the name by which they feel most represented. For the time being, five students from “Nervi-Severini” have joined the programme. A formal notice is pending against him from a local association, to which Dradi replies that the regulation applies only within the school and not for official documents (such as the report card for example), with the aim of creating the student a climate of integration and respect.

Dradi was always the protagonist of another gesture in 2019, when a student of the “Oriani” scientific high school in Ravenna (where he was headmaster at the time) defined him as “gay” with an inscription on the outside wall of the school. In that case he branded the gesture by “downloading” the moral lesson on the material author of the gesture saying he was “surprised that a student of my high school thought of that term as an offense”. The writing remained visible on the wall by his will, before being removed after his “farewell”.

Ravenna, menstrual leave introduced in a high school • TAG24