Reset investigation, Mimmo Talarico: “credibility lost, now Manna resigns”

COSENZA – Three days (HERE the program) which will see human rights as protagonists, with film screenings, live music, meetings with directors and debates. A party that will celebrate in Cosenza the indispensability of human rights and the protection of the dignity of the person. The event was conceived and strongly supported by Stella Comet OdV of Cosenza, Silvia Superbi, consultant for the development of Third Sector Entities, and director Alessandro Negrini in collaboration with the Naples Human Rights Film Festival. Financed by the Foundation with the South, it obtained the patronage of the Municipality of Cosenza and the Calabria Region.

The choice of the word “Party”, as the director explains Alessandro Negrini, artistic director of the event: “human rights should be inalienable and reminding us of this must be, as well as a commemoration, a celebration. A place where to bring the theme of human rights into the spotlight is a celebration, a place where we are all actors involved: not ignoring the violated rights of the “invisible” has to do with all of us, with our face, our society, and the our Constitution “.

Admission to all events for the three evenings is freeis an important opportunity for the Stella Cometa Association to give voice to the issues it bears, dealing daily with the protection of the least, of those who have no help or who are in conditions of great fragility in the city of Cosenza, such as immigrants, homeless, destitute people.

“The event was designed to raise awareness among citizens, with conviviality and attention to the human that belongs to us, on the issue of human rights still violated” says the President of Stella Cometa Marco Soliberto “many of our clients are in conditions of extreme fragility and we try to do everything possible with our volunteers and the resources available. We need support and partnerships in the area because the difficulties of the last ones are constantly increasing ”.

An event with a common thread entitled “Drift and landing of human rights”: Like a journey, the event will cover day by day the stories of the rights violated in the places of origin, in the travels, and in the places of arrival. But also stories of hope, where welcome and solidarity make people’s lives reappear in the human.

This celebration of human rights will be worth the presence of authoritative guests, from Raffaele Crocco, creator and founder of the Atlas of the wars of conflicts, the writer Emanuele Giordana, founder together with Gino Strada of “Peace Reporter and winner of the” Tiziano Peace Prize Terzani “; Don Battista Cimino, a missionary who survived an ambush in Burundi during the war period and founder of Stella Cometa Odv and Domenico (Mimmo) Lucano, former mayor of Riace.

But not just debates: the cinema and music will be protagonists: the director Andrea Segre will present his film “The order of things, Special Prize for Human Rights, Special Mention at the Venice International Film Festival. Will be with us Kumut Imesh, director and migrant together forced to flee the civil war in the Ivory Coast in 2004, who filmed, retracing them, the stages of his journey in search of hope. Hope that is also told in the film “Il cielo sopra Riace”, by the Argentine director of Calabrian origins Damián Olivito. We will also talk about caporalato, in a combination of music and images, with the presentation of the video clip “La manna dal cielo” directed by Alessandro Negrini, on the song of the same title by the singer-songwriter Lucio Matricardi.

An important role in the Human Rights Film Festival will be played by conviviality, with the music of the singer-songwriter Lucio Matricardi, together with the violinist Fulvio Renzi, and live music. Finally, in the portico of the Cloister there will be two photographic exhibitions, Afghanistan, by the journalist Giuliano Battiston and Wars, by the Atlas of Wars and Conflicts

Reset investigation, Mimmo Talarico: “credibility lost, now Manna resigns”