Risk Management forum. “The world of disabilities asks above all for services”. The speech of the Minister for Disabilities Alessandra Locatelli

by Marzia Caposio

The promise is to put the needs of fragile and disabled families at the center by actively involving all the actors and listening to the needs of the Regions

22 NOV

Shortage of health personnel, disabilities and territorial differences. And then school, training and long-term investments. These are the topics touched upon by the Minister for Disabilities Alessandra Locatelli intervened on the occasion of the 17th Risk Management Forum underway in Arezzo until 25 November.

The new Minister for Disabilities immediately expressed great satisfaction with a financial maneuver made within a few weeks, in a very difficult socio-economic historical moment for our country, and which speaks of “health, families, fragile people and people in difficulty”. This manoeuvre, he said, represents “an excellent job in a very difficult moment and a starting point” for next year.

One of the hot topics of the Forum is the shortage of health personnel and, speaking of this, Locatelli reassured the audience by saying that a part of the maneuver will specifically concern this aspect. “I deal with the more social part concerning disability”, said the Minister. “We have reaffirmed and made the resources made available for families with people with disabilities in the single family allowance structural. And then a small, but great, aspect is to address the most degraded contexts of the big cities of the suburbs, where often people with disabilities and their families live isolated in contexts that are spoken of for degradation, violence, drug dealing, but not of those virtuous aspects that some small associations are able to bring”, he added. “This is not the fulcrum of the maneuver, but I am proud to be able to say that we want to make that little piece available to the weakest groups in more difficult contexts”.

Openness to collaboration with the Minister of Education and Merit, Giuseppe Valditara, also to address the issue of disabilities in schools where it is often still too difficult to recognize this type of problem. Many proposals come from the world of associations “but also from families who are the first to be prepared on this issue”, underlined Locatelli. The goal is to “put the needs of the families of children with disabilities at the centre, starting with the issue of training teachers who deal with support”.

For the Minister, then, the territorial differences that concern Italy must all be taken into consideration when speaking of social issues. Diversity needs to be investigated and evaluated because each region has its own resources and organizational method. “I believe that a reflection is wanted by everyone, from this point of view, because no one wants to fall flat on the rules of others. I believe that we need to sit down at a different, separate table for the LEPS precisely because, since we are dealing with essential social levels, which have been talked about for many years and their value has never materialized, it is now necessary that there are technicians and personnel, even from the ministries themselves, who take charge of this issue and put it into the system”.

However, disability also means chronicity and therefore long-term investments. “When we think of the non-self-sufficiency plan, a three-year plan – commented Locatelli – we can already look to a future that tells us that we no longer need just a random distribution of resources. The world of disabilities and families asks us above all for services. And it is here, once again, that the difference between the different territories comes into play”.

We need the involvement of all the actors: “We have to know how to stimulate them to be able to guarantee these services, to put families and caregivers in a position to be able to feel freer, when they have an emergency, to entrust their child and loved one to a day care center or a other structure in the area. All of this has to be sorted out.”

Thinking about life projects and individuals is an imperative for Minister Locatelli. “Everyone must do this, it must go beyond borders and obviously it is necessary to understand in the individual territorial systems how they manage to develop”.

November 22, 2022
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Risk Management forum. “The world of disabilities asks above all for services”. The speech of the Minister for Disabilities Alessandra Locatelli