School cooperatives enemy to defeat

As is Gracia’s custom, the themes that nourish our letters emanate -on a recurring basis- from the official communications issued by the social communication office of the federal educational agency and this would not be the exception. The Bulletin Sep no 220 SEP urges educational actors to promote healthy lifestyles in children and adolescents, published on September 9, would be accompanied by some recommendations that would derive from the forum (apparently semi-virtual) “Healthy school environments in Mexico, the agenda”, convened by Armando Contreras Cruz, former senator and Secretary of the Education Commission of the Chamber of Deputies and others, which would originate in the agreement that would publish the new pedagogical proposal (study plans and programs) of the New Mexican School and its technical annex; especially section 8.1.4 Healthy Life.

The context in which the meeting between the deputation and the officials of the federal Undersecretary of Basic Education took place, would serve to support an initiative to modify the General Law of Education proposed in March by the aforementioned deputy Contreras Castillo; topic addressed in a press release published by Morena on the same day as the SEP, although in this the discursive line attached to the event was marked. Although it would be worth noting that a couple of years ago, the deputation would have approved an initiative that would be in transit to the Senate, by which they would modify some paragraphs of the Law for the Defense of the Rights of Girls, Boys and Adolescents, through which even -among others- the presence of machines dispensing fried foods, soft drinks and foods with a high caloric content would be prohibited in schools and that perhaps, because it is the authorship of other political expressions, would sleep the dream of the righteous.

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However, and in this forum, the deputies, representatives of organizations and officials, they would focus their criticism on childhood obesity; a disease in which Mexico would occupy the first place and would be aggravated both by the consumption habits that would originate at home and by compulsory seclusion, originated by decisions of the World Health Organization and, in the Mexican case, by Esteban Moctezuma Barragán , a character who would gloat because school communities are the first to leave public spaces and the last to return. As for the publication of the SEP, he would claim “different lines of action, among them, the new basic level curricular proposal, where the importance of physical and emotional health is recognized.”

The forum would begin with the presentation of a promo in which the voices would appear in off, of two girls -who would give rise to other interventions- and that would fill the most colorful with concern, although it obeys a script previously prepared by some communication professionals and that, “suspiciously” would conclude with a thank you to deputy Armando, for what least twice deputy and once, senator. Curious case Grace; The organizer of this forum, Armando Contreras Cruz, would have as guests, among others, Deputy Flora Tania Cruz Santos, President of the Education Commission and member of the parliamentary faction of the Institutional Revolutionary Party, who would attend as a guest as she herself would admit when speaking and would not have a relevant role in the organization of the event: “to my fellow deputy Reginaldo Sandoval Flores of the PT”, as well as to the undersecretary López Gattel, other government officials and representatives of international organizations, characters that would express some concepts worthy of being taken into consideration; however, the data and percentages mentioned would be relevant.

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The allusions that would blame the neoliberal model based on the market economy, on obtaining profits through the promotion of fast food consumption, would be present; the same is an urgent need to recover the culinary heritage and even the proposal to change school cooperatives for community breakfast bars. However, the sharpest criticism would come from Reginaldo Sandoval Flores, who would maintain -in opposition to the proposal of the community to the center that the new model would propose-: “if we do not put the human being at the center, it is very difficult to achieve the purposes of environments and healthy environments, especially in the area of ​​children, the issue of education, because if we always put the issue of profit first, the issue of utility, everything else becomes merchandise and business [no se lograría,] And that is what has happened to us so far.”

Ponder the Cendi model that “has international recognition” (specific to the Child Development Centers promoted by the Labor Party, Sandoval Flores would point out) as a successful own proposal, based on nutrition, early stimulation and multiple intelligences that would allow “at 3 months”, girls and boys would be in weight and height. Pedagogical alternative that would train successful students who would obtain grade point averages greater than 8 throughout their academic journey. Reginaldo would recognize that school cooperatives would continue to be places where “soft drinks and junk products” would be sold even today -4 years later. He would allude to Armando’s concern, the school cooperatives, and he would refer to the functions of the education and health authorities -without mentioning them explicitly- although he would admit to not knowing “who sanctions and that is why we get complicated there, because we have already found that in many cooperatives there are teachers who are the owners of the cooperative and not one, but there is a teacher who owns three, four, five, six cooperatives and calls his attention so that they do not sell junk food, because he loses the business; identifying a concession that should be monitored and sanctioned by the educational authorities -federal and/or state- with the labor rights of education workers. Criticisms absent, perhaps because they are politically incorrect, in the Note [legislativa] No. 3801 that would account for his intervention.

School cooperatives would once again become the enemy to defeat, despite being easily eliminated if the authorities applied adequate public policies; Many of the already applied -such as the delivery of hot and/or cold DIF breakfasts- and be replaced by student canteens, ignoring the fact that male and female students would spend only 16% of the time in any given year (1,400 school hours for 8,760 total hours ) in which they would only have 60 hours of recess -half an hour a day- to consume “eye” with money provided by fathers and mothers of families and, although it could be true that the perverse interests of neoliberalism and its agents (dealers) who would only be interested in profit from the sale of junk products, it would suffice to apply the anti-obesity regulations approved over the course -at least- of the last 12 years; Well, if they waited to solve everything with the contributions they would grant to 60,000 schools of those integrated into the La Escuela Es Nuestra program, of the almost 200,000 public schools that Reginaldo pointed out, the school communities would have to wait sitting down, and that without considering that the government contribution is only enough to deliver between 7 and 20 pesos per student daily. Until another letter Gracia, that you have always complied with the head of the SEP bulletin that was alluded to, because you have always exhorted your students to achieve a healthy lifestyle and you have many generations of students who could testify in your favor .

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School cooperatives enemy to defeat – Puebla