School performance decreases in BC students

Tijuana BC.- The student school performance of basic education in lower california it decreases as the years go by and worsens in high school, reveals a diagnosis made by state authorities.

The evaluation shows that while a second grade student obtained 74% of successes in reading, a third-year high school student achieved 38% in the same matter.

In the case of diagnosis in mathematics, add those shown in the First Report of the Government of Marina del Pilara child in the second grade of primary school obtained a 78% correct answers, while a young man from the third year of high school achieved Four. Five%.

The results show a decreasing trend as one advances in the school grades, both in reading and mathematics… Therefore, it can be inferred that to the extent that the expected learning per grade is not consolidated, it will drag on the students’ educational trajectory

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Evaluate students

Regarding the investigation, they were evaluated 164 thousand 156 students of thousand 27 schoolsof which 114 thousand 842 they were in elementary school and 49 thousand 314 high school.

The diagnosis was applied, in coordination between the Secretary of State Education and the National Commission for the Continuous Improvement of Education (Mejoredu), between the months of August and September of the year 2021.

Education in crisis

Alfredo Postlethwaite Duhagon, president of the Coalition for Social Participation in Education (Copase), pointed out that this poor school performance should alert the educational authorities and at the same time yield to the collaboration of non-governmental organizations that seek to improve education in the Entity.

“It is a very serious problem in terms of quality and coverage, and this is because in primary school three out of 10 should not go on to secondary school because they do not have the basic levels, and in secondary school four out of 10 should not go through to high school,” he said.

The neglect of learning it drags on at all educational levels, even up to the university, he highlighted, so the quality of the well-known foundations will be uncertain.

basic knowledge

According to Copase studies, he added, for each 10 students who have already completed six years of primary school and three of secondary school, only two graduate from high school with levels of basic knowledge and skills, but 4 drop out of school and 4 graduate without basic knowledge.

“It accumulates and the disastrous result is reflected in high school. The numbers are often very cold, but behind that, each child, each young person, loses a dream, an admiration for progress and unfortunately in Baja California every year there are 29 thousand young people who are left without school in high school and are destined for high school. social desalination,” he warned.

He assured that, as in past state administrations, this one was also offered a plan to compensate for the educational situation, but the response is no more than goodwill.

The proposals

The education specialist indicated that Copase proposes the following strategic axes: the social participation of teachers, parents, businessmen and other social actors to form school councils.

Likewise, promote public resources to achieve digital coverage and improve schools, as well as training for education workers, to whom the government must guarantee the payment of salaries and benefits to avoid the suspension of classes.

Postlethwaite Duhagon stressed that it is also important to create an independent state body to evaluate education in Baja California and to monitor the use of resources allocated for this purpose.

“We are urging the governor, who is the one with the elements and the willpower to give this blow to the helm to the boat that is not going to a good port at this time, and yes, we can do it as long as we build this synergy between the state government, educational authorities and social actors”, he said.

We will continue to insist because we can no longer waste time, there are more than a million and a half who deserve a quality education. The future of Baja California is at stakehe added.

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School performance decreases in BC students