“See sport differently, in a more cerebral and unpretentious way.” With an unchanged game philosophy, the Cultursport show relaunches a call for lovers of sporting emotions, “not always easy to mobilize in rural areas”, admits Christian Bouveau, president of the show section at the US Toucy. “We want to make people want to travel, discuss, listen to round tables and form an opinion.” Authors, debates, games and hikes will punctuate a sports weekend intended to be “coherent and enriching” at the Halle aux Grains.

Disability and community life

Godmother this year, the triple Paralympic champion Marie-Amélie Le Fur will kick off tomorrow evening, rue Paul-Defrance. A 52-minute documentary dedicated to him will give rise to discussions. On Saturday, twenty-four authors and publishers of adult and children’s literature will make their debut, such as Aymeric Jeanson and his ASM kids in learning rugby. Everyone will wear this lounge, which will appeal to fans of bikes, Benzema, judo, baseball or little queens.

Beyond the number of guests, “our desire is to locally concern the actors of the associative life”, continues Christian Bouveau. Hence the participation of the Toucy library, the Espace Pierre-Larousse, and the elementary school. Sports activities will be held in the courtyard of the Les P’tits Larousse leisure center, while two classes worked, through the manga running girl, on the subject of disability. A round table will deepen the subject on Saturday.

The AJ Auxerre coach will be present

On the reassembled side, the journalist from SoFoot Chérif Ghemmour has compiled the most beautiful. Cyril Collot prefers derbies and biographies in football. Pierre Lagrue will feed two round tables devoted to legendary footballers and cyclists. Even the coach of AJ Auxerre, Jean-Marc Furlan, will be there.

premium Culture – Small crowd for the 3rd Cultursport sports book fair in Toucy

Women’s sport should make a big match in Puisaye. On the titular side, let us quote Julie Gaucher, behind the collection of poetry And they started to run or the anthology From “sportswoman” to sportswoman. Celia Poncelin signs Such a great championa “biographical novel of a cross-country skiing pioneer”.

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World champion on the road in 1977 in Venezuela, the Burgundian cyclist Josiane Bost will take part in two round tables. On the background of running, The Whisper of the Tamarisk is the first novel by Claire Seulières, a teacher in Gurgy.

In red thread. This weekend, also find crosswords, podcasts, dictation, and readings aloud that Christian Bouveau would like to “bring up to date”.

Ligue 1 (8th day) – How can AJA recover during the break? Listen to our Déb’AJA podcast!

4th Cultursport, at the Halle aux Grains in Toucy

Friday September 23

From 7:30 p.m. Opening of the show, with its guest of honour, Marie-Amélie Le Fur, three-time Paralympic champion. At the Halle aux Grains: screening of the documentary Marie-Amélie, the way of the bladethen conference, questions and answers with the public and dedication of his book Make your life a dream.

Saturday September 24

10 hours. Opening.
11:00. Round table “Legendary footballers”, from the book by Pierre Lagrue. With Jean-Marc Furlan, Chérif Ghemmour, Ianis Periac, Pierre Lagrue.
12:30 p.m. Official opening.
3:30 p.m. Round table “Women and sport, overcoming resistance”. With Julie Gaucher, Célia Poncelin, Josiane Bost.
5:30 p.m. Round table “Disability, sport as a means of social integration”. With Marc Truffaut, President of the French Federation of Adapted Sport, Valérie Jutand (athletic strength, Sydney 2000 Olympics), Stéphane Gilbert (armchair archery, Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008 Olympics), Hugo Beckmann (tennis adapted to US Toucy, 2nd at the European Games in Krakow 2022), Salek Laghouiti, coach-player of the Stade Auxerrois handibasket.

Sunday September 25

Walk for all. At 8:30 a.m.: 15 km hike. At 9 a.m.: Nordic walking 10 km. At 9:30 a.m.: gentle walk 4 km.
10 hours. Opening.
11:00. Round table “Legendary cyclists”, from the book by Pierre Lagrue. With Jean Cléder, Loïc Manceau, Thomas Brochut-Goddet, Roger Joigneaux and Josiane Bost (world champion 1977).
2:30 p.m. Sports and recreational dictation led by author-journalist Philippe Lorette, Antoine Blondin’s bibliography for support.
4:30 p.m. Favorite of the organizers of Cultursport.
17 hours. Closing of the 4th show.

premium Paris 2024 – Tony Estanguet: “Let’s not back down on our level of ambition”

Vincent Thomas

Show – Screening-debate, round tables, hikes… The program of the 4th Cultursport show, from Friday in Toucy