Sicily, all ready for the National Tree Day

The proposed program foresees the carrying out of the Mediterranean Macchia Week celebrations from 14 to 21 November 2022

November 21 is celebrated the National Tree Day. Established with the Royal Decree of 30 December 1923 n ° 3267 (Reorganization and reform of the legislation on forests and mountain land), which in art. 104 read as follows: “The feast of trees is instituted in the Kingdom. It will be celebrated every year in the forms that will be established by agreement between the Ministries of the national economy and public education “. Officialized with Law 10 of 14 January 2013 (Rules for the Development of Urban Green Spaces), whose art. 1 reports: “The Republic recognizes November 21 as ‘National Tree Day’ in order to pursue, through the enhancement of the environment and the arboreal and wooded heritage, the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol, ratified pursuant to the law of 1 June 2002, n . “. Each year the Day is dedicated to particular themes of significant ethical, cultural and social value.

And following the meeting of 9 March 2022 in Palermo for the presentation and establishment of the “Committee for the Mediterranean Macchia” established following the Deliberation of the Sicilian Regional Council n. 420 of 28 November 2019, at the Regional Department of Agriculture for Rural Development and Mediterranean Fishing and, in the presence of the Vice President of ARS Angela Foti, the Promoters of the Mediterranean Macchia Charter represent the need to propose an Environmental Education initiative for the organization of the “National Tree Day” (November 21) now in Sicily from 2019 also “Mediterranean Macchia Day” and which, as scheduled, also includes the involvement of School Institutions already committed to the Future Responsible Citizens 2.0 project (

The proposed program foresees the carrying out of the Mediterranean Macchia Week celebrations from 14 to 21 November 2022 by providing:

  1. Monday, November 14th 2022 11:00 – Meeting with the Schools of Future Responsible Citizens 2.0 for the National Tree Day – online link;
  2. Wednesday 16th November 2022 9:30 am – Conversations with the Patriarchs of the Malabotta Wood dedicated to Ettore Lombardo;
  3. Friday 18th November 2022 9:00 am – Municipality of Caltagirone Conference on Income Cork Farming;
  4. Friday 18th November 2022 at 15:00 – Visit to the Naturalistic Base of the Ramarro in the Bosco di Santo Pietro;
  5. Monday 21st November 2022 10:30 am – Signing of the Charter of the Guardian Municipalities of the Mediterranean Coastal Dunes – Rome / Pomezia

The important recognition of the Regional Committee of the Mediterranean Macchia takes its cue from a spontaneous initiative taken in 2013 by some scholars and experts who agreed, within their respective fields of action, to promote specific and targeted initiatives for cognitive deepening and education. environmental. In fact, the Promoting Committee of the “Charter of Municipalities Guardians of the Mediterranean Macchia” was set up with the aim of making institutions and citizens aware of the need, particularly in Sicily, to protect this particular ecosystem aimed at implementing preventive silviculture aimed at making human activities eco-sustainable, fighting fires and protecting complex environmental balances.

The Promoters and active members, almost all present in Palermo last March on the occasion of the inauguration of the Committee, are: Prof. Francesco Maria Raimondo (Past President of the Italian Botanical Society), Prof. Renato Carella (President of the Environmental Volunteer Association ” Ramarro Sicilia “), Eng. Francesco Cancellieri (President AssoCEA Messina APS), Prof. Aurelio Angelini (professor at the Kore University of Enna), Prof. Giuseppe Lo Paro, (professor at the University of Messina), Prof. Vincenzo Piccione ( former lecturer at the University of Catania) and Arch. Salvatore Scuto (former Director of the Regional Councilorship BB. CC. AA.).

Since then, the Committee has been engaged in environmental and ecological awareness raising activities, identifying the Municipalities as the main actors and custodians of the Mediterranean Macchia, as they are closely connected to the territory and responsible for its protection. Currently, over 100 Municipalities have signed up to the “Charter” with formalized resolutions. (Last week the Municipality of Basicò). The Regional Committee is composed of the Regional Councilor for Agriculture Toni Scilla, the Regional Managers of the Departments of Agriculture, Environment, Education, Cultural Heritage, the Commander of the Forestry Corps, the Secretary of the Basin Authority of the Hydrographic District of Sicily and representing the Promoting Committee by Prof. Raimondo, Engineer Chancellors and the Mayors of the Municipalities of Caltagirone and Castellamare del Golfo.

We recall how the anniversary, which is celebrated throughout Italy, on November 21 of each year is linked to the Scholastic Institutions with an important preview in October: in fact it was established on the days of October 4 (St. Francis’ Day, Patron Saint of Italy, lovers of ecology and protector of animals) and of 21 March (St. Benedict’s Day, Patron of Europe) with the Interministerial Decree of 4 August 2000 signed by the then Ministers Alfonso Pecoraro Scanio, Minister of Agricultural Policies, and Tullio De Mauro, Minister of Education, what an important opportunity to stimulate a healthy ecological conscience and the enhancement of our natural heritage, the Festival of Trees in Schools!

Sicily, all ready for the National Tree Day