Sixteen Women from 5 European Countries for a Culture, Creativity and Inclusion Project

It is a coincidence, but certainly particular, that for the Erasmus + Culture, Creativity, Inclusion 2020-1-IT02-KA227-SCH-094804 IISS project “Del Duca – Bianca Amato” they arrived from the partner schools and institutions in Greece , Latvia, Republic of North Macedonia, Romania and Turkey only female teachers to participate in the second LLTA (Learning Training Teaching Activities) of the project held in Cefalù from 5 to 7 September 2022. The project was opened in Skopje between August and September 2021 , while the first LTT activity took place in Trikala from 2 to 4 November 2021.
The objective of the project (coordinated, like all the Erasmus + program of the Cefaludese school, by Prof. Gianni Catanese) is to develop and enhance interculturality, creativity and innovation in the practices of the participating schools through the acquisition of innovative and motivating strategies for the social inclusion of students, using national and European cultural and artistic elements as support; the acquisition of types of non-formal intercultural education activities, through the exchange of good practices between partners, during the LTTA; the possibility of creating, through collaboration, efficient digital resources for learning about European cultural diversity and the appreciation of common European values; the acquisition of an attractive non-formal teaching also with European digital educational resources.
The project as a whole consists of six LTTAs, each of which involves twenty teachers from the partner institutions and six to ten teachers from the host institution and is based on innovative approaches such as theoretical presentations and examples on the educational value of culture; cultural workshops; non-formal approach to a Unesco monument; cultural theater and creative workshops starting from works of art and cultural elements of the Unesco Heritage; examples of student involvement in cultural activities and promotion of traditional elements: music, gastronomic culture, ancient crafts, crafts, folk dances; ICT cultural workshop using media to create certain types of videos and the “Digital Photo Story” as the final product. Students are involved in virtual exchanges with partner students and in local activities included in LTTA in their schools and are presenters of cultural elements, actors of theatrical and cultural workshops, promoters of their cultural values.

In the LTTA held in Cefalù, the meeting was held on 5 September at the headquarters of the Liceo Artistico, precisely to underline the creative aspect of the project. Since the “Del Duca – Bianca Amato” Institute is the coordinating school of the project, the dedicated website was prepared and presented, a place for collecting all the materials produced in the various meetings by all the partner schools and institutions. Through videos and various activities Cefalù was presented, with particular regard to the inclusion of its cathedral in the Unesco serial site “Arab-Norman Palermo and the cathedrals of Cefalù and Monreale”, object of visits in the following days. At the Liceo Artistico headquarters, workshops on decorative aspects of the Sicilian tradition were carried out by the participating students, both on wood and on fabric. The students of the Artistic also talked about the traditions and the most famous Sicilian legends, with particular reference to Dafni and his story linked to the Rocca di Cefalù, on which an interesting excursion was made. Two boys from the Liceo Scientifico took care of the musical moments. As in every Erasmus + project of “Del Duca – Bianca Amato”, it is important to visit the Palazzo di Città and in particular to the Council Chamber, a place for the representatives of the Cefalù community. On this occasion, the Erasmus teachers were welcomed by the Councilor Tania Culotta, replacing the Mayor who was held up by urgent commitments.

Three intense days between Cefalù, Monreale and Palermo for an immersion in Arab-Norman history and art and to experience “our” places in the fullness of culture and the deepest traditions, even on a gastronomic level, with a typical lunch in the heart of Ballarò. The pupils gave indications and explanations on the main monuments visited. The last day was spent between the spectacle of the Rocca, the historical-cultural richness of the Mandralisca Museum and the vision of Cefalù from the sea, because Cefalù remains imprinted in the hearts of the colleagues with whom (together with others) you will continue the journey through the European cultural heritage, creativity and an inclusive vision of school and society.

The success of each project is possible when a synergy is achieved between the local institutions: for this it is necessary to highlight the positive reception of the requests of the school by the Mayor, prof. Daniele Tumminello, of the Administration of the City of Cefalù and, in particular, of the Councilor for cultural policies, prof. Antonio Franco, of the Prime Minister, lawyer. Francesco Calabrese, as well as the Mandralisca Cultural Foundation, in the person of the President, prof. Vincenzo Garbo.

Sixteen Women from 5 European Countries for a Culture, Creativity and Inclusion Project –