Social mobility and education. The Me.Mo orientation project of the Sant’Anna School to support male and female students from fragile contexts

The new selection of Me.Mo opens. – Merit and Social Mobility, the planning of orientation and accompaniment towards the choice of continuation of university studies for male and female secondary school students, coming from fragile socio-economic contexts.

How to contribute to the educational and social mobility of young people? What role can teachers play? What tools? The Me.Mo Merito and Social Mobility orientation project, coordinated by the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa and aimed at all Italian upper secondary schools, aims to create the conditions, thanks to the contribution of the teachers, towards a choice conscious continuation of studies for young people from potentially fragile socio-economic situations.

In Italy there is an educational gap, of learning and of possibilities, which accompanies male and female students throughout the course and which also derives from their social context of origin. And it is precisely the social and family condition that is the starting point of the Me.Mo orientation project, which stimulates students with merit in the penultimate year of high school, coming from potentially fragile socio-economic situations, towards the choice of university.

On 4 November, the DG Student of the Ministry of Education sent a circular and an information note with all the details of the project and an extended invitation to participate to the regional school offices, provincial offices and school directors.

The first step for participation in the project starts with the teachers, as key players in ensuring equal access to education at all levels, who are called to identify male and female students who stand out in terms of learning and results and who live in social factors that can make the choice of university difficult, due to knowledge and possibilities, such as for example the low level of education of the parents.

Once identified, male and female students must register on the portal dedicated to the project within on December 11th 2022 in order to be able to participate in the selection of the 360 ​​boys and girls who will take part in the path for the 2022/23 academic year.

The entire course, completely free, is based on peer involvement and mutual exchange between secondary school students, university students and teachers. During the meetings, both in the various territories involved and online, in addition to deepening the school subjects, there will be a discussion of the tools and possibilities that university studies offer, including test simulations for admission to university studies and personalized mentoring. The program also includes thematic moments of meeting and discussion of a residential nature lasting 2 days in Pisa, at the Sant’Anna School, in the spring and summer period of 2023.

The participation of male and female students in the project – subject to agreement with each single school of origin – can be formalized within the “Paths for transversal skills and orientation (PCTO)”.

For further details you can visit the website or request information by writing an email to [email protected]

Social mobility and education. The Me.Mo orientation project of the Sant’Anna School to support male and female students from fragile contexts – Orizzonte Scuola News