Star Academy 2022: Guillaume Mélanie asked to become a theater teacher… but already fired

Guillaume Mélanie is not well known to the general public but he was about to inflate his popularity. The director had been asked to become the new Star Academy theater teacher on TF1, before the production changed its mind for a very specific reason.

The castle of Dammarie-les-Lys will soon reopen its doors. The star Academy is back this fall on TF1 with a new season still with Nikos Aliagas at the presentation but a new team to support the new promotion of students. In addition to Michael Goldman, the son of singer Jean-Jacques Goldman, who will be the director of the singing and dancing schoolthe director Guillaume Mélanie would also have been asked to be the candidates’ new theater teacher. Information disclosed by journalist Clément Garin on his Instagram account CG Scoops, but which the main interested party was not aware of. “I’ve been announced as the new theater teacher at Star Ac! Myself, to be honest, I don’t know if it’s true or not, he confided to Internet users on September 2. But I know that CG Scoops gives ONLY real info, every time. So… If this is the case: I would be the happiest in the world“. But big twist: Guillaume Mélanie will not return to TF1 !

Guillaume Mélanie thanked by the production of Star Ac’

According to information from the journalist Clement Garin, Guillaume Mélanie has already been thanked by the production of the star Academy. “Guillaume Mélanie learned last week that he had failed after having been recalled by the casting director at the beginning of September. As a source close to the production revealed to me, the reason is lunar: ‘They took it out because he is an actor in the new humorous series of France 5I was at this (a new short series included in C à vous since the start of the season, editor’s note)“, can we read. A sad fate for Guillaume Mélanie who confirmed this time that he had indeed been contacted before the production changed its mind. “I knew I was in the running, my agent had let me know this summer. But finally, I just found out it won’t be mehe explained to CG Scoops. Hallway noises suggest that it’s because I’m on France 5 every night. If this is really the reason, I prefer to do my job while being in this series whom I particularly like, and continue to train aspiring actresses and actors with the New Troupe in Pierre Palmade for which I am a coach. In any case, without any resentmentI wish Star Academy all the success it deserves and the chosen teachers have a great experience.“.

As Clément Garin reports, the production would also have requested Dorothée Pousseo. The latter is particularly known as French actress and voice actresses such as Margot Robbie or the Olsen sisters. It remains to be seen whether she will replace the director Guillaume Mélanie. Nothing is less sure. Answer in a few weeks.

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