City council in Cisterna di Latina: here is the report of the city meeting that took place yesterday 16 September

Honorary citizenship to Fabio Ricci, Carturan brings “Courage Italy” to the Council, a minute of silence for the victims of the flood in the Marche region, condemnation for the transphobic attack

All the points approved including the TARI concessions and the Kiwi Observatory.After the August break, yesterday afternoon the City Council of Cisterna di Latina returned to meet.The Mayor Mantini opened the session by asking for a minute of silence for the victims of the flood in the Marche and invited us to reflect on the consequences of failing to respect the environment.

He then gave a series of very topical communications on Cisterna starting with the conviction against the transphobic aggression that took place last August 30 against a 17-year-old transgender boy, insulted and hit with a stone in the face.

He recalled how Cisterna and Bologna are the only ones to have a delegation on Gender Difference and LGBT Rights, and announced that the Municipality will form a civil party so that the aggressors, minors, “have the opportunity to assume their responsibilities and become better adults” , then read Article 3 of the Italian Constitution. But he also recalled examples of sacrifice and commitment among the young people of Cisterna, such as that of Marco Ricci, who won the gold medal in the 100 meters and the gold medal in the 4 × 100 relay in the Mediterranean Games in Pescara. .

On the TARI he recalled the allocation of 467 thousand euros of aid to families who are in difficult conditions, applying a reduction of the variable rate of the tariff on waste of 40% for families with ISEE lower than € 8,265.00 and of 15% for families with Isee less than 15 thousand euros. The deadline for submitting applications is October 30 and he stressed that one of the requisites required is the fulfillment of payments from previous years.

The Tax and Social Services offices are working in synergy to verify the real state of need of those who ask for the reduction because “we must distinguish the smart from the needy.” Finally Mantini communicated that the municipal administration has filed an appeal with the Lazio Regional Administrative Court against the Lazio Region, the Province of Latina and against the ad acta Commissioner for waste, for the provision that identifies two sites for landfill in Cisterna for the completion of the waste cycle in the province of Latina. The reasons for the appeal are an incorrect assessment of the sites, that of Scavilana as it is not a disused quarry but active and adjacent to the Bellardini school, the former Good Year area instead is already the subject of projects for the production of renewable energy which we urgently need, as well as being disrespectful towards former employees and the many deaths at work that occurred precisely because of that site: “The north of the Province cannot continue to be penalized: it is right that all the actors in the field their part ”, he concluded. This was followed by the interventions of Squicquaro on the lack of agreement with the administration about the Palio dell’Anello then held privately, Cece on the state of some roads in the suburbs, Sambucci on the absence of the administration at the equestrian event of Tolfa – Mantini replied that he had communicated to the mayor that he would visit at another date given the concomitance of other events to which he had already agreed -, Merolla on the danger of social degradation among the young people of Cisterna, Felicetti on the costs of the Cisterna Estate exhibition and on the ‘exposed presented for two events by the commissioner Pagnanelli that would not have been authorized, Di Cori on the interruption of the work of the cycle / pedestrian path on the Appia Nord, Antenucci on a notice for Covid school transport in which the Municipality would not have participated, Agostini on the evacuation of the Pomos premises and related payment of utilities, Leoni on the state of security in school buildings, Contarino who briefly reported on the good feedback obtained from the Cisterna Estate review, thanking the sponsors and those who supported it.

Then we moved on to examining the items on the agenda. After the approval of the minutes of the previous session, the councilor Maria René Carturan, with the reading of a note, declared her exit from the civic group Conosco Cisterna and the establishment of the new Coraggio Italia group of which she is group leader. This was followed by various comments from the opposition and the best wishes from Paliani, group leader of Conosco Cisterna, while the mayor said he was certain that he would still want to respect the commitments made in signing the majority program. Consequently, there was acknowledgment of the change in the composition of the Permanent Council Commissions and the Conference of Group Leaders.

At the request of the Women’s Council, and with a unanimous vote of the Council, the proposal to confer honorary citizenship on Dr. Fabio Ricci was approved, for his contribution to the advancement of the culture of breast cancer prevention and treatment. The formal conferment will take place during a special ceremony.The Councilor Innamorato illustrated a series of ratifications of council resolutions with changes to the financial forecast budget 2022/2024 concerning the first € 20,682.17 of which 8,732.17 for contributions from the Ministry of Culture in favor of the Adriana Marsella Library for the purchase of books, and 11,950.00 for regional transfers for the Cisterna Film Festival; the second € 107,000.00 for the electoral consultation for the renewal of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate of the Republic for 25 September 2022; the third € 280,932.00 of the PNRR for the digital transition, the activation of new services for citizens and a web portal on certified bodies.

Councilor Santilli illustrated the update of the regulation on the criteria for calculating the extraordinary contribution for interventions on areas or buildings in an urban variant, in derogation or in exchange for intended use with the aim of encouraging the activity of existing companies and streamline urban planning variants The introduction of new administrative skills in the agricultural sector, and an expansion of the authorizations contained in the SCIA, led to an update of the secretarial and investigation rights to the proceedings of the SUEAP Service and of the Urban Planning Service comparable to that of the neighboring municipalities. Councilor Cerro, on the other hand, reported on the reasons and purposes of the Observatory for the protection, enhancement of the cultivation, production and marketing of Kiwi and agricultural excellence in the Cisterna di Latina area, and on the constitutive regulation. The Observatory wants to equip the territory and the companies with a permanent tool for coordinating initiatives to protect and enhance local productions and able to interact actively with local, regional and national institutions, make use of the collaboration of technicians, scholars, research institutes and universities.

The composition of the Observatory is open to the participation of other subjects, public and / or private who ask to be part of it, as long as it is functional to the achievement of the objectives set. The meeting was concluded with the renunciation of the exercise of the right of first refusal on a private property.