Tempio, a digital theater project in a foreign language in schools

The project in the schools of Tempio Pausania.

The Klimax Theater Companya theater company recognized by the Mic, conceived and directed by the actor, author and theater director Luca Varonepresents, in the schools of Tempio Pausania, Klimax Stream. It is a digital theater project aimed at support culture for free and learning of foreign languages in public and equal schools throughout Italy, in order to connect children, not only with themselves, but also with their peers and teachersthrough theatrical art, thus creating relationships that make desires emergeneeds and ambitions.

“My intent inconceive this project – supports the president and artistic director of the Klimax Theater Company, Luca Varone – consists in making sure that the new generations can approach the theater also with the digital transition, through experiments and innovations of the theatrical language. The main future goal will be to make it become Klimax Stream a digital theatrical library always available to Italian schoolsincreasing the theatrical offer with the addition of other pieces as well as in English And French also in Spanish, German And Italianso that the platform can become a study tool before viewing the show in attendance. Furthermore, it is our intention to reach all those small towns scattered over the National territoryand there are many, where the schools that reside far from the theaters are located and they have no alternatives for theatrical use“.

The project was born in spring 2020in full pandemic, when with the theaters closed, the Klimax has well thought of putting available to studentsforced into a cultural fast, a platform capable of proposing one alternative teaching to the traditional one.

Klimax Streamdistributed for Klimax by the manager Annamaria Zuccarothrough partnership agreements with public entities cultural heritage of the country, it proved to be a winner right from the start, that’s why it is come to the conclusion to offer all schools in Italy free access to the streaming platform.

Klimax Stream: reports the actress and administrative director of the company Solange Corso – is aimed at all schools of order and degree, in the presence and in dadthrough any digital device, from Lim in the classroom to cell phone of the student. With a simple account, teachers and students will have access to one interactive digital theatrical platform in English and French. The shows available will be 6each with an important topic for students in terms of information and prevention as well as education in the strict sense. The topics chosen and covered are: cyberbullying, digital addictionsubjects of civics and foreign literature.

The one designed by Klimax Theater Company it is not limited to the simple viewing of online language shows, but of a real one theatrical language laboratorysince for each single show they are provided on the platform in-depth content, study and research. It starts from the full video of the show in the original language and continues with the full script in the original language, the lexical glossary, the information material with insights related to the topic, the video tutorial that explains the “passages” of the plays and finally the questionnaire on understanding the work with the aim of describing and deepening the topics coveredcreating food for thought as well as moments of comparison and debate.

Tempio, a digital theater project in a foreign language in schools