Terni, living nativity scene in ‘Le Grazie’ park: «A success and almost 4,000 visitors»

An influx of over 3,700 people was recorded in the five days of representation of the living nativity scene in the ‘Le Grazie’ park in Terni, who during the Christmas holidays were able to attend a heartfelt representation of the nativity organized by the Confraternity of San Giuseppe and San Francesco di Paola, the ecclesiastical body refounded and relaunched in 2017 by Father Angelo Gatto, chaplain of the Terni hospital and director of health pastoral care. The event, sponsored by the Municipality of Terni and the Usl Umbria2, realized the suggestion of Bethlehem during the census called by the emperor Caesar Augustus, in adherence to the Gospel of Saint Luke. The freshness of the screenplay written by a boy from Terni, the versatility of the place and the artistic choice to create a path divided into five recited scenes that can be used in succession (‘the changing of the guard and the census’, ‘Bethlehem’, ‘the shepherds’, ‘Herod’s court and the meeting with the magi’ and ‘the nativity’) with the audience expected within the scene in direct contact with the actors and extras in action, created an immersive effect and a highly suggestive involvement. The performances were carried out under the creative and artistic direction of Barbara Cinaglia, a professional in the sector, animator of the ‘Beautiful Act’ musical and theater school, who directed the over 90 actors and extras and also coordinated the complex phase of the workshops carried out in collaboration with the main schools of Terni. The costumes created by the Ipsia ‘Pertini’ – fashion sector, with the contribution of Divania Srl and the sets created by the volunteers of the Confraternity under the coordination of Antonio (Tonino) Imperatori and with the contribution of the Giacchini Srl company were particularly appreciated. warm thanks – it is the note of the organizers – goes to the knights Francesco Rossetti, Andrea Bucari and Marco Zurli of the ‘2F Colle Alvano’ center of Arrone who impersonated the three kings, to the legionary figures of the Roman historical group of Vacone and to the SS company Service by Giamminonni Marco who took care of the audio and lighting systems. The large participation of citizens crowned the multi-year work of the community of volunteers who intended to create not only the representation of the nativity, but a testimony of faith and hope within a process of regeneration of a park dear to Terni in a place of mutual help and collaboration, which excited both the public and the confreres». The event is part of the Confraternity’s program of activities which extends throughout the year with the regeneration of the park, the promotion of the restoration of the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, currently underway with the contribution and direction of the Carit Foundation. A church already returned to worship, with voluntary work in support of the sick and their families, with the management of aid groups.


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Terni, Le Grazie: immediately full for the living nativity scene – Photos

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Terni, living nativity scene in ‘Le Grazie’ park: «A success and almost 4,000 visitors»