The °18 Rengo International Film Festival 2022 will take place between November 21 and 27.

This Monday, November 21, the 18th Rengo International Film Festival 2022 will begin, an occasion where for a week a large number of films can be appreciated in person and through the contest’s social networks.

The Director of the Festival, Guillermo Pérez, announced that this year they have tried to be present with the public of the region with different activities, which were taken in a very good way, which is reflected in the number of people who have participated. of the instances that were offered during the year, such as the Fecir Film School, extension workshops, children’s video dance, acting workshop for camera, among others, which maintained a very good turnout from the renguino public, the region and even from other sectors of Chile.

Thanks to virtual platforms such as Fecir Play and the website, www.fecir.clhas allowed the public to know and get closer to the Festival, a journey that according to Guillermo Pérez leaves them with the responsibility of delivering this idea so that people can participate in the event, making it grow together with the different audiences, producers and directors at a national level. national.

The Festival this year will take place from November 21 to 27, an event that is organized by the PaDanza Socio Cultural Association, with the support of the Illustrious Municipality of Rengo, other collaborating entities, and the Co-financing of the Audiovisual Development Fund, Call 2022 of the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Heritage.

Starting this Monday, the Festival will deliver a wide variety of Chilean and foreign films, those that participate in the different competitions, ten categories, with more than 90 films in competition that make it a unique event of its kind at the national level, due to the quality of jobs and their quality. Some of these works will be exhibited at the offices of Rengo, Rosario, Requínoa, Rancagua, Pichidegua, Quinta de Tilcoco and Chépica. Other works can be appreciated through the Festival’s social platforms, this for www.fecir.cltotally free and with just one click.

The Festival can be enjoyed both in person and from a cell phone, computer or television, since when entering the website you must select a film, press play and thus enjoy the best cinema in the world. Guillermo Pérez calls to take advantage of this opportunity to be able to access first-run films in Chile, some of them released in Latin America and worldwide.

Through, you can book a face-to-face invitation to, for example, be able to see a movie in the Rengo town hall building, while the other rooms of other communes are also summoning the respective public. In addition, there will be the presence of actors, actresses and producers who will become part of this film festival.


International Fiction Feature Film Competition: Filmmakers from all over the world propose their gaze in this category that composes a contemporary, diverse and up-to-date vision of our society. Do not miss these and other films in competition from November 21 to 27 through the website

International Fiction Short Film Competition: A way of making movies in a very free way, which commits the filmmaker intimately to recompose the established production formulas, to play with the elements and give them value in a very short time. Today the world’s great filmmakers come together with their cinematographic works in the eighteenth version of the Rengo International Film Festival 2022.

International Animation Competition: Film artists who use different techniques to generate with animation, the sensation of movement, the sensation of creating and giving life, accompanied of course by incredible stories that are focused on adult audiences who enjoy the creativity used in this fantastic world of the animation.

International Videodance Competition: Dance and cinema come together in this endless formula of possibilities where dynamism, movement, experimentation or rehearsal are intertwined tools to give life to a new cinematographic genre or style.

National Film Competition Directed by Women: New category that was born under the First Meeting of Women Audiovisualists of the O’Higgins Region. Short films that will reach and excite you, through this unique perspective of the national directors who risk it to continue producing films.

Regional Production Short Film Competition: The production of films not only occurs in large cities, it is also possible to make high-quality works, with very particular styles and stories from smaller regions and communes, which show that little by little the development of cinema is growing in regions, promoting heritage, natural locations, flora, fauna, its people and its culture.

International Children’s Animation Competition: Being able to create fantastic and incredible worlds, letting ideas flow and making them come true through different and beautiful animation techniques, creating a space for the little ones and having them enjoy them with such enthusiasm, makes it all worth it.

Young Cinema National Short Film Competition: Every filmmaker is forged with creation, with the realization of their ideas, and in many cases, they must go through several productions to be closer to understanding how to make movies. And in these first attempts, the vision of the public is fundamental, whether they like it or not, the works are destined to be seen, loved, hated, criticized by a spectator or an audience, which also collectively lives the experience of seeing how it is born. a new filmmaker

Regional Competition of School Micro Shorts: Promoting audiovisual production in elementary and middle school students fills us with possibilities, since they are immersed in this world of technology and have taken advantage of it with this excellent presentation of works produced with the support of their teachers.

National Documentary Competition: A way to get closer to the various realities that make up our territory, an approach to the cultures and visions of other people that open up before the gaze of the filmmakers who patiently and impatiently wait to achieve a moment that is phenomenal for the construction of the construction site. To then put before the viewer’s gaze, that moment, that eternal, delves into the thoughts and emotions of those who contemplate it.

The °18 Rengo International Film Festival 2022 will take place between November 21 and 27.