The 43rd ‘Ciudad de Palencia’ Theater Festival will honor women dedicated to the performing arts


‘Femenino plural’ is the motto chosen for the new edition of the ‘Ciudad de Palencia’ Theater Festival, which will take place at the Teatro Principal from September 12 to 30, with the aim of paying tribute to women who dedicate to the performing arts in its different disciplines.

The festival will have a total of six works that will form part of the official section within the competition, but in parallel, the ‘Off the record’ program has been designed, which will start this Friday and which includes street and school activities. In addition, this year, as a novelty, there will be literary activities, as the Councilor for Culture, Laura Lombraña, pointed out on Tuesday during its presentation.

Thus, on Monday, September 12, at 8:30 p.m., the official opening of the Festival will take place with the award ceremony for the best actor, actress, lighting and set design of the year 2021 chosen by the public.

Next, the first scheduled play will be performed, ‘The Co-Pilot Syndrome’ starring the actress Cuca Escribano and the actor Miguel Ángel Muñoz. A stage adaptation of ‘Women Who Buy Flowers’, written by novelist and playwright Vanessa Montfort.

The second performance, to be held on Friday, September 16, is ‘Atra Bilis’ (Two Fourteen Sisters). A monstrous and rural comedy full of rage and mischief that has 4 women in the cast: Celia Morán, Maite Sandoval, Nuria González and Paloma García Consuegra who give life to four old women full of rancor and bitterness who meet at the wake of the husband of Nazaria Alba Montenegro on a stormy night.

For its part, Estival Producciones presents ‘Lope y sus doroteas’ on Thursday, September 22nd. A sitcom where there is no lack of elements that make the viewer reflect.

On Friday, September 23, ‘Cigarreras’ will be performed. The play, of a dramatic genre and with a cast of seven actresses, is based on the novel ‘La Tribuna’ by Emilia Pardo Bazán and narrates a socially impossible relationship between a proletarian and a bourgeois.

The fifth performance scheduled within the Theater Festival is Numancia, which will arrive at the Principal on Thursday, September 29, a tragedy that reflects on the limits of human, individual and collective freedom. This work is also the tragic expression of human impotence and its submission to forms of power.

The sixth and last work is ‘Los Pazos de Ulloa’ (Sequence 3), which will close the cycle of this 43rd edition of the Festival on Friday, September 30.


Beyond the cast of works and actors that make up the festival, the program of parallel acts includes other stages in addition to the stages of the Teatro Principal, such as the Plaza Mayor or the Universonoro bar.

On this occasion, ‘Off the record’ presents works such as ‘Genoma B’ (on Friday, September 9 in the Plaza Mayor at 7:30 p.m.), winner of the award for Best Show at the Iberian Fair 21; or ‘Vida’ (Thursday, September 15 at Bar Universonoro at 8:30 p.m.

This cycle will also feature the dance show ‘Migrare’ (on Saturday, September 17 in the Plaza Mayor). The program will close with the school session ‘There’s a Mermaid in My Room’, this time at the Teatro Principal, on Wednesday, September 28 at 12:30.

In another order of things, the book ‘Women who buy flowers’ by Vanessa Montfort will be discussed on September 15 at 11:30 at the Teatro Principal; there will be a reading of the book ‘Tribuna’, the same day as the performance of ‘Cigarreras’, from 10:00 to 11:00 on September 21 and, finally, on October 18 and 25 there will be the presentation and continuation of the El Garden of Sappho.

The 43rd ‘Ciudad de Palencia’ Theater Festival will honor women dedicated to the performing arts