The book by Professor Virginia Valenzisi was declared of municipal interest – Rosario Municipal Council

The work is titled “Of the Hand. Why and how to build schools for peace?” . The recognition was promoted by councilman Carlos Cardozo.

The act was held today, September 21, the International Day of Peace, declared by the United Nations Assembly; and took place in the “Lisandro de la Torre” Agreements Hall of the Vasallo Palace, seat of the Municipal Council.

The event was attended by the councilor who authored the declaration of municipal interest, Carlos Cardozo, from Unión PRO-Juntos por el Cambio; Mayor Miguel Ángel Tessandori, from Back to Rosario; former national deputy Carlos Castellani; and the author of the book, Professor Virginia Valenzisi, along with her children and her mother.

After reading the corresponding decree (No. 62501), Cardozo referred to the work “De la mano. How and why build schools for peace? and he referred to Valenzisi’s participation in the Pensar Foundation, chaired by Castellani, in the same way that he valued the actions of organizations such as Parents for Education.

“We have to change the climate of urban violence in search of social peace,” Cardozo said.

He graphed the transfer of the postulates expressed in the book to the classrooms, to the schools, and claimed the search for social peace. He recognized the tabletop treatment of his initiative, and its unanimous approval in plenary session.

Then proceeded to the formal delivery of the attributes of the Municipal Council. Cardozo gave Valenzisi the decree with the corresponding legal text, while Tessandori did the same with a book from the Municipal Council, and a pen as a protocol gift.

Next, when speaking, the teacher reflected the current situation of violence, the escalation and aggravation of the social situation. She “she turns to the classroom, to her classmates. We have to begin to internalize the problem, debate and put the issue on the agenda, ”she said.

The closure was in charge of Castellani. The businessman valued the declaration of municipal interest and its materialization with this initiative. He later said: “If politics is doing well, the country is doing well, and education has an essential role.”

“The intention of good projects must be carried out”, he concluded.


About the book «De la Mano. Why and how to build schools for peace?”

The author maintains that “Educating for peace is helping our students develop skills and acquire tools that allow them to live together peacefully, or what is the same, live without violence. This process implies the assimilation of values ​​such as social justice, equality, cooperation, solidarity, respect and autonomy. It is the responsibility of all adults to educate in values, foster positive values ​​in children and adolescents, and generate safe and respectful environments. This includes educational institutions. Peace education must be included in each of the physical and symbolic spaces of schools. An effective way to become citizens committed to social change and peacebuilding is through the promotion and development of an educational system that institutionalizes education for peace in the life of schools” .

That in the journey offered by the book, the need for the involvement of all the actors of the educational communities is raised in order to build healthy coexistence and the culture of peace in school environments.


The book by Professor Virginia Valenzisi was declared of municipal interest – Rosario Municipal Council