The Collado Villalba Disability Film Festival, FECIDISCOVI, awards its awards this Saturday

One more year, the Festival presents films, documentaries and short films “that show social, family and work relationships, love, joy, mourning and daily life from the point of view of people with disabilities”, they explain from the Foundation . Films have been received from all over Spain, but also from countries such as France, Canada, Russia, Iran, India, Portugal, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela and Luxembourg.

In this XV edition, along with new directors and actors, performers such as Manuel Manquiña or Juan Manuel Montilla, El Langui, who compete, together with Fernando Agudo, for the Best Actor award, participate in some of the works presented. Other figures from the scene such as María Galiana, María Boto, Alberto López, Angy Fernández or the singer Alejandro Sanz also take part in some of the works presented.

Among the candidates for best film is ‘Si Talía fuera ciega’, in which more than 100 blind actors and actresses from ONCE theater groups participate. Two of the nominated shorts, ‘A Specific Classroom’ and ‘The Shape of the Clouds’, directed by Arturo Martínez Navío and Juany Chica Sáez, have their origin in the Inclusive Film Workshop of CEIP Pedro Corchado de Bailén. The Juegoterapia Foundation, which shows the importance of play in the recovery of children with cancer, carried out another of the nominated shorts at Hospital La Paz with the collaboration of singer Alejandro Sanz.

“These are stories that show that people with disabilities have a lot to say and a lot to contribute,” said the president of the ANADE Foundation, Sandra Santiago, who was accompanied by the mayoress of Collado Villalba, during the Festival presentation on Monday. Mariola Vargas, and the Councilor for Social Services, Monchi Fernández.

In her speech, Mariola Vargas praised the work of Anade, which she considers “fundamental”, since “a lot of help is needed, a lot, especially economically, but also to make society understand that people with diversity functional provide a plus that the others do not provide. You do that especially well from the ANADE Foundation ”, she has indicated.

A selection of the works submitted to the contest can be seen at the Casa de Cultura de Collado Villalba on November 22 and 24, in sessions in which more than 500 local schoolchildren will participate, as well as the general public.

As for the awards ceremony, it will take place on Saturday, November 26 at 7:00 p.m., also at the Casa de Cultura. The jury, made up of film director Imanol Uribe, actor José Coronado, director and screenwriter Alfonso Albacete, actor Javier Gutiérrez and Ana Vargas, patron of the ANADE Foundation and special education teacher, will award the prizes in the categories of best film, best actor, best actress, most humanitarian film, best documentary, best short, best animated short and best production made in the Community of Madrid.

The Collado Villalba Disability Film Festival, FECIDISCOVI, awards its awards this Saturday