The Multidisciplinary Residence of the Bassa Sabina hosts his first dramaturgy residence thanks to the presence of Rosalinda Conti.

In view of the enlargement of the residency proposals for this three-year period with a specific one dedicated to stage writing, the Theater of the Adverse Conditions has selected the young Roman playwright who will be in residence until November 21st in the municipalities of Salisano and Poggio Mirteto (RI) .

Rosalinda Contiartist under 35, author and playwright with acknowledgments and important collaborations at the national level, has been recommended by the partners of the NDN network and will participate in residence through the development of a text and with the artist meetings will be held with the schools of the Sabine territory through a series of meetings on writing.

The tutor of the artist is Ferdinando Vaselli, actor, director and playwright as well as one of the two artistic directors of the Multidisciplinary Residence of Lower Sabina. During this residential period Ferdinando Vaselli will follow the writing processes of the playwright, supporting her both in the drafting and in the creation of stimuli and research ideas in order to support the artist in the creative process as well as in artistic activities, school meetings and returns dedicated to the local community.

“All people alive” is the writing project of Rosalinda Conti which proposes an important theme also in relation to the place of realization such as the conflictuality of the relationship between man and nature in relation to death. The dramaturgical writing was started in 2021. Many questions revolve around the writing and testing of this monologue. One of these, generating the need to write this text, is a hyper-object, an elephant in the room, a background noise that constantly fills the space created between one word and another in our conversations: how do we live knowing that everything is destined to die? Can we, individuals who inhabit a civilized, cultured, neurotic, mostly metropolitan West, let nature, in its own peculiar way, teach us how to look at the abyss towards which everything runs or walks from another point of view? Starting from the death of a tree, the protagonist of this monologue-town who has chosen to live permanently in the countryside-experiences the disorientation that pervades humans in the face of the greatest of questions, embodying the doubt and amazement that seize us. in the face of what simply happens to us.

The promotion of contemporary dramaturgy represents one of the lines that the Multidisciplinary Residence of Bassa Sabina intends to develop through the meeting with emerging and significant artists on the national scene and with the collaboration with the NDN Network (new dramaturgy network) a national network composed of 14 partners spread throughout the national territory.

Therefore, we intend to develop a process that puts the authors in a concrete confrontation with writing, with the production and promotion of theatrical texts.