The FCPE wants to return to co

“The school needs human relations”. On September 9, the first association of parents of students, the FCPE, went further than the usual point on the start of the school year. CIPF is launching a campaign for co-education. Nothing revolutionary: the parents just want to return to the relationships they had with the School before the health crisis came to prohibit human relationships without the digital being able to really replace them.

A return to crisis

“Our school needs a large-scale investment plan.” This year more than the others, the under-investment in education is palpable with the acute lack of personnel. Lack of teachers of course but also of AESH, school bus drivers etc. On this the FCPE gives striking examples such as the 123 resignations of AESH this summer in Ille et Vilaine. On the teachers’ side, “the promise of a teacher in front of each class is not what has been observed in the field”, says Carla Dugault, co-president, with Nageate Belhacen, of the association. “The ministry must take the measure of the situation on the shortage of teachers”, affirms this one. “Parents are worried about the whole school year and the lack of substitute teachers.” The FCPE shows that the crisis is structural: last year 80,690 hours of lessons were reported lost for non-replacements. She also cites the 1500 pupils of 5th disappeared from the radar at this return to the Rhône. Or the 19 students not assigned to the E Galois college in Noisy-le-Grand.

For co-education

But the FCPE is launching another campaign that it considers more fundamental for the School. “Allow parents to return to school,” asks Eric Labastie, general secretary of the FCPE. “We need the whole educational community to support our children at school,” explains Carla Dugault. “But after the pandemic, the doors of schools closed to parents of students. It is absolutely necessary to resume the dialogue… Parents no longer communicate with the school except through digital workspaces. As a result, many parents are left out.

The FCPE wants to at least return to the level of exchanges before the health crisis and even if possible before the security crisis. CIPF has written to all institutions asking them to post materials on co-education. “We want a public education service that is mutually respectful of its various actors so that our children find greater serenity,” explains Eric Labastie. He emphasizes that the local debates desired by the government require local actors.

They could be an opportunity to highlight old requests from the FCPE such as class council timetables or free school supplies. “We welcome the proposal of the Minister of the City with joy. We have 20 years of school supply scholarship experience. Free should no longer be a chimera”.

Francois Jarraud

The FCPE wants to return to co-education