The National Theater of Brittany and the National Theater of Prague on stage together

It all started when Marta Ljubková, playwright from the National Theater in Prague, came to the TNB (National Theater of Brittany) festival in reindeer, Four years ago. “I was amazed by the showsshe says. I discovered the work of director Arthur Nauzyciel, so different from ours. »

When he returns, everything speeds up. Arthur Nauzyciel is the first French director invited to create on the stage of the prestigious National Theater in Prague, a repertoire theatre. The equivalent of the Comédie-Française in France. Arthur Nauzyciel, who has already worked in the United States, Korea and Iceland, always with actors from the country, is seduced by the adventure. “We must ensure that culture circulates, that theaters in Europe work together, it enriches our way of working, it is the key to all progress in art. »

“La Ronde” will be performed on the TNB stage at the end of November. © Petr Neubert

The choice of text remains. Arthur Nauzyciel thinks of Round by Arthur Schnitzler, a play published in 1903, censored in 1904, which the director reread during the first confinement. “There were things that resonated with what we were going through, the question of contagion, a secret that runs through the room. And then there is the history of the text, which suffered such virulent attacks that Arthur Schnitzler, a victim of anti-Semitism, himself decided to ban it in Germany and Austria in the 1920s, during this slow rise of fascism. »

Round, which evokes relations of domination, pretense, is composed of ten scenes, ten erotic encounters. Arthur Nauzyciel sets the story in the 1930s, in a twilight atmosphere, at a time of rocking society, with characters arriving by tram, between dream and reality. There are the majestic costumes of the Czech Marek Cpin, several times awarded, the signature of the choreographer Phia Ménard, with his warlike and radical dance.

Arthur Nauzyciel reports what Arthur Schnitzler said at the time: “I write about ten scenes, maybe if we read them in a hundred years, they will tell something about who we were. »

photo the costume trials with marek cpin and the actress who plays the married woman. © ilona sochorova

Costume trials with Marek Cpin and the actress who plays the married woman. © Ilona Sochorova

The premiere took place on Thursday, November 3, 2022, in Prague, in front of 700 spectators, on the stage of the theater where Mozart conducted the premiere of Don Giovanni and where were shot scenes from film Amadeus. The welcome was warm.

photo on the evening of the premiere, on the stage of the national theater in prague. © dr.

On the evening of the premiere, on the stage of the National Theater in Prague. © DR

The play, surtitled in French and English, will be performed for two years, in Prague, and from November 23 to 26, 2022, on the stage of the TNB, in Rennes, as part of of his festival. Marta Ljubková dreams of an international tour for her actors who are not used to performing outside the Czech Republic, except in nearby countries such as Poland or Hungary.

TNB Festival, speaking to young people

Twenty-three performances, ballets, plays will be offered during the mixed festival of the TNB (Théâtre national de Bretagne), from November 15 to 27, 2022.

The floor will be given to young people with the shows of the Bretons Léna Paugam, Alice Zeniter or even Laure Catherin, out of the school of the TNB. Several themes will be addressed, such as femininity, patriarchy, the dreams, desires and disarray of a generation.

We will also find François Tanguy, a major figure on the contemporary scene, the South African choreographer Robyn Orlin, Ludovic Lagarde, who questions the failings of Western democracies, or even Mohamed El Khatib, who, with his documentary theatre, invites Lens supporters to confide their addiction to football.

The National Theater of Brittany and the National Theater of Prague on stage together