The Normand Benoît Scelles is a breeder, his dogs are actors in the cinema

On the set of the film The Three Musketeers by Martin Bourboulon. ©Muriel Bec

The main activity of Benoit Scelles is thedog draining on his property in Epinay, in Saint-Laurent-de-Terregatte, in the heart of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel (Manche, Normandy).

At the end of August 2022, twelve Brie shepherds (briards) were born; in September, seven Bouvier des Ardennes pups pointed their noses at his breeding.

Dogs at Pistorozzi, a princess and on set

One is intended for a farmer, one of the best Corsican charcutiers and renowned restaurateur (Pierre Louis Pistorozzi), another is already destined to make films. As for a third, he leaves to make the happiness of the Princess Lalla Hasnaasister of King of Morocco Mohamed VI. A few siblings are still at home search for a family.

Between the organization of a round of French championship of continental dogs at home, participation in competitions, and work with his animals, nothing gave reason to think that this dog master would find himself, in addition, one day behind the scenes of filming for television and movie theater.

Story of a meeting

It all started with Pocket, a Beauceron (Beauce shepherd), born in Saint-Aubin-de-Terregatte (Sleeve), three years ago. He was only a few months old when Benoît Scelles received Muriel Bec.

The creator of the animal haven See you in animal land and society Animals for movies was looking for a Picard shepherd, one of the specialties of the Manchois breeder.

“Pocket was playing in the yard when he arrived. She fell in love, ”says the dog trainer. “She spotted her potential, she walked away with it, we stayed in touch and became friends. »

Videos: currently on Actu

This is the beginning of a collaboration between the two breeders and the entry of Benoît Scelles behind the scenes of the cinema.

On the plateau of the Three Musketeers

“Very quickly, Pocket found himself on the set of Three Musketeers with Vincent Cassel – which is scheduled for release in April 2023 in cinemas – and Dangerous Liaisonsa film broadcast on netflix. He has all the qualities of the French shepherd,” explains the Norman trainer.

Pocket is a Swiss army knife: naturally capable of guiding a herd, but also of welcoming children returning from school or guarding the farm in the evening. It is versatile…

Benoit Scelles

Filming for Murders in Saint-Malo

Last August, Muriel Bec returned with Pocket. The Beauceron then worked three full days with Benoît Scelles, who saw him born, to prepare for the filming of Three Musketeers. In November, he goes back on the set of the TV movie Murders in Saint-Malo.

Punky, the Beauceron starred in The Three Musketeers.
Punky, the Beauceron also turned in The Three Musketeers. ©Benoît Scelles

In September, she brought in seven more dogs, entrusting the dog trainer from the south of the Channel with reviving their atavism and their instincts.

“It’s actually paradoxical to have an animal on a set when you know the requirements, the expectation… It’s up to the trainer to take care of it. We must ignore the fact that we are at the cinema. For the dog, everything must be natural. And the difficulty, it is there: to keep the natural animal”, entrusts Benoît Scelles, whose seven other shepherds and herdsmen already turned.

Reference breeder

In the spring, Benoît Scelles also received the script from an internationally known director, whose name he cannot divulge, as the film has not yet been released.

Pocket, his shepherd from Beauce, Plume and Tia, shepherds from the Pyrenees as well as Punky, a Picard shepherd, and four other dogs, born in his breeding, play a role there through Muriel Bec. Dogs are at the heart of the screenplay of this feature film.

Animal welfare guarantee

This american production imposes an animal referent on the set. “An obligation for ensure animal welfare. A consecration for the breeder and his animal education work.

Plume on the last shoot of a major production, in the process of being edited.
Plume on the last shoot of a major production, currently being edited. ©Muriel Bec

Our man will attend the filming, invited to the director’s Normandy property for a fortnight.

Benoît Scelles, ethological education and re-education, collaboration with “Animal Contact For Films”, canine hostelry “Chez Ouaf”, L’Epinay, 50240 Saint-Laurent-de-Terregatte. Such. 06 20 28 41 93.

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The Normand Benoît Scelles is a breeder, his dogs are actors in the cinema