The reopening of the sports hall in Copertino

A handover ceremony today accompanied the reopening of the Copertino Sports Hall, which the Province of Lecce makes available to schools and sports associations in the area.

The multipurpose structure was handed over by the president of the Province of Lecce Stefano Minerva and by the vice-president Antonio Leo to the manager of the Liceo Scientifico ” Don Tonino Bello ” Paola Alemanno and to the manager ” ITC Bachelet ” Giuseppe Manco for teaching activities and projects special courses linked to the educational offer of both institutes.

To impart the blessing don Antonio Raho, of the Basilica Sancta Maria ad Nives, in the presence of the mayor of Copertino Sandrina Schito, the manager of the Lecce Provincial School Office Vincenzo Melilli, the provincial councilor delegated to Public Works, Heritage and school building, Antonio De sports facilities Matteis, the provincial director of the Building and Programming Service, school network and heritage Dario Corsini, the designer and construction manager Aldo Castrignanò, the head of the procedure Carlo Agostini, the rector of the San Giuseppe da Copertino sanctuary Father Matteo Ornelli, the representatives of the two schools and sports associations.

During extra-school hours, the renovated structure can also be used by sports associations that request it.

The financial commitment of the Province of Lecce for the extraordinary maintenance works amounted to about 222 thousand euros, a figure that concerned the play area, the bleachers, the changing rooms and the rainwater collection and separation system.

In particular: complete refurbishment of the playing field flooring in three-layer rubber with differentiated structures; tracing of playing lines for five-a-side football, basketball and volleyball; disassembly, overhaul and reassembly of sports equipment at the service of the building, and of all the seats of the stands; painting with water-based wall paint for interiors and exteriors; maintenance of the internal flooring, with an emulsion of synthetic resins in aqueous dispersion; lighting revision of the play area, bleachers and changing rooms with assembly of new generation high-performance LED lighting bodies; revision of fixtures and all toilets; creation of a false ceiling in the corridors of the changing rooms.

” The work of the Province of Lecce continues in support of the Municipalities and communities. The reopening of the Sports Hall of Copertino is a piece of the commitment put in place by the institution for the students and staff of the schools, real protagonists of the social and cultural development of our land. This is how the protagonism of the Province of Lecce as a Common House translates in practical terms ”, highlighted the president of the Province of Lecce Stefano Minerva.

According to the vice president of the Ente Antonio Leo ” Copertino, its schools and associations will be able to enjoy refurbished and redeveloped spaces: this is how the Province of Lecce contributes to the social growth of our communities. Thanks to the offices of the organization, capable of making the most of the over 200 thousand euros with interventions expected by the citizens for years. It is a day of celebration for our city and for the whole territory ”.

The reopening of the sports hall in Copertino