The SDGs reach their halfway point slowed down by war and the pandemic

In 2015, the UN approved the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development«a guide, a commitment and a map with clear objectives and indicators» so that the countries undertake «a new path with which improve everyone’s life, without leaving anyone behind”, as stated in the United Nations declaration that was endorsed by all the member countries, including Spain. It was on September 25, 2015 when the objectives were approved, so that the goal is now fulfilled. seventh anniversary of this global agendawhich has almost reached the halfway point of its useful life: there are eight more years left to reach the 2030 goal. The 2030 Agenda has 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), each of them with specific indicators or goals, up to a total of 169. The 17 major goals include issues such as the elimination of poverty, the fight against climate change, education, gender equality, the defense of the environment or the design of more humane cities, adding governance, peace and the alliance between nations and social actors different as the ultimate element that should bring everything together. Nothing further, especially the question of world peace, in a world marked by the Ukraine conflictas the Secretary General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, pointed out these days when delivering his speech at the opening of the United Nations Assembly.

“The progress achieved so far with the UN sustainable development agenda has been hit, delayed, hampered by the sum of the global coronavirus pandemic and the current situation of armed conflict on the border between Ukraine and Russia,” Guterres said.

UN big week

The UN opened this past Monday its most important week of the year with a call to “rescue” the Sustainable Development Goals. “This is a defining moment”underlined Secretary General Guterres, when opening an event dedicated to the SDGs with which each year the starting signal is given to meetings of international leaders at the United Nations General Assembly.

The Portuguese diplomat asked the leaders not to allow conflicts, the effects of the pandemic and the economic crisis to put aside development priorities and encouraged them to invest “like never before” in health, education and welfare of the citizen.

“We have to recover the speed lost by the pandemic and reverse our lack of action,” he insisted for his part. the President of the General Assembly, Csaba Körösiwho stressed that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals should be seen as a “to-do list” by all governments.

“We have to recover the speed lost by the pandemic and reverse our lack of action,” the UN claims

According to the 2022 Sustainable Development Goals reportthe confluence of crises: the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change and the war in Ukraine are generating secondary impacts on food security, health, education, the environment, and peace and security. The combined crises could lead to an additional 75 million to 95 million people living in extreme poverty by 2022.

Cover of the 2022 UN report on the fulfillment of the SDGs.

The world is also facing a global educational crisis that has increased in recent times. It is estimated that 147 million schoolchildren they lost more than half of their in-person instruction in the past two years due to the pandemic. Also, women and girls continue to be disproportionately affected by the socioeconomic consequences of the pandemicdealing with an increase in unpaid care work and domestic violence.

With time running out to achieve the goals, the UN Secretary General urgently calls for stronger commitments to ensure successincluding a call for reform of the global financial system.

“We need a reformed financial architecture that benefits developing countries, providing critical financing and debt relief”, declared Antonio Guterres. “This is the only sustainable way to address the obscene inequalities that exist in all countries, while ensuring that the world does not fall into a recession,” he added.

The SDGs reach their halfway point slowed down by war and the pandemic