The “talking” photographic exhibition on Parkinson’s is back in Trentino

The “talking” photographic exhibition “NonChiamatemiMorbo”, launched by the Italian Parkinson Confederation to eradicate the stigma and ignorance surrounding Parkinson’s disease and promote the rights of those who suffer from it, is back in Trentino, where it had its debut twenty-one stages ago. . A “talking” exhibition, because it is accompanied in the story of Parkinson’s resistance by the voices of the actors Lella Costa and Claudio Bisio. And from tomorrow, 21 September, until 2 October, the exhibition will be in Rovereto, with the collaboration of the Parkinson Trento Association

One of the photos of Giovanni Diffidenti that make up the exhibition “NonChiamatemiMorbo”

They have already been twenty-one stagesfollowed gradually also on our pages, of the “talking” photographic exhibition Don’t call me Morbolaunched at the time by Parkinson Confederation Italytogether with the campaign of the same name, to “raise awareness among Italians on the need to eradicate the stigma and ignorance surrounding Parkinson’s disease, promote its early diagnosis, educate coming outas well as promoting the rights of people with Parkinson’s to treatment, social inclusion and to pursue a better quality of life ”.
An exhibition defined as “talking”, we recall, as, thanks to aspecial appvisitors are accompanied in the story of numerous stories of resistance to Parkinson’s disease (accompanied by the beautiful images of John Wary), from the voices of well-known actors Claudio Bisio And Lella Costa.

Now, two years after the first debut in Trentino, we will return tomorrow, 21 Septemberto Roveretoat the Urban Center of the city, with the collaboration ofParkinson Trento Association.
The novelty of this new appointment will be the involvement of some local schoolsfirst of all theDon Milani Institute of Higher Educationwith the aim of promoting knowledge of Parkinson’s disease, starting with the abolition of the term “disease”, but also of telling the new generations the challenges faced by patients and caregivers, providing skills related to healthcare reception and storytelling, also offering a work experience that is as enriching as it is alternative. In fact, the Parkinson Trento Association itself proposed a specific training project on Don Milani’s fifth class School and Parkinson’sin addition to having activated with thePavonian Artigianelli Institute for the Graphic Arts of Trento an innovative training course dedicated to photography in the socio-health area.

The inaugural event of the exhibition, therefore, which will stop in Rovereto until October 2ndis scheduled, as mentioned, for tomorrow, Wednesday 21 September (3 pm) and for the occasion there will also be the round table called Parkinson’s and Telemedicine: what future for Trentino.
Finally, in the same venue, the other event scheduled for the afternoon of Saturday 24 (3 pm), ie the debate A chat about Parkinson’s. (SB)

Both the inauguration of tomorrow, September 21st, and the event of the 24th (free admission) will also be broadcast in live streaming on the channels Facebook And YouTube of the Parkinson Trento Association and on the canal YouTube of the Italian Parkinson Confederation. For any further information and further information:

Parkinson’s disease
It is a chronic neurodegenerative disease, caused by the progressive death of the neurons located in a small area of ​​the brain that produce the neurotransmitter dopamine, who controls the movements. People with Parkinson’s produce less and less dopamine, progressively losing control of their body.
Thus, tremors, stiffness, slowness of movement, depression, insomnia, dysphagia arrive, up to the complete loss of personal autonomy and the impossibility of carrying out the simplest daily activities (dressing, eating, washing, talking, etc.).
There is no definitive cure, but only symptomatic treatments that help to live with the disease which continues to progress.
Today in Italy it is estimated there are just under 300,000 Parkinson’s patients, which according to the World Health Organization are set to double within the next fifteen years. It should also be borne in mind that we are talking about a pathology with respect to which the media, the public opinion and the institutions themselves still have a wrong perceptionconsidering it a “disease of the elderly”: the age of onset, in fact, gets younger and younger (one in four patients is under 50 years old, 10% under 40 years old), and half of the patients are of working age, so it can be said that there are about 25,000 familiesin Italy, with children of school age in which one of the parents is affected by the disease.

Parkinson Confederation Italy
Parkinson Italia is a Confederation of Voluntary Associations, that is a network for Parkinson’s disease and Parkinsonians, which through the membership of the individual Associations, is open to all: patients, volunteers, family members and sympathizers.
L’autonomy and the cooperation are the strengths of the Confederation, born in 1998 and therefore just last year celebrated its twentieth anniversary: ​​in fact, the member Associations on the one hand retain all the freedom of action, on the other they connect to a network of contacts and initiatives. In this way, respect for local needs is combined with the efficiency of a coordination structure.
Parkinson Italia – which adheres to the FISH (Italian Federation for the Overcoming of Handicap) – endeavors to inform public opinion, institutions and the mass media about:
° the severity of the hidden aspects of the disease;
° the consequences on the people who suffer from it, their family unit and society.
With the aim of obtaining adequate health treatments and social protection, the Confederation is the spokesperson and promoter of:
– requests from patients and caregivers;
– projects on specific needs and problems;
– studies, surveys and social research;
– legislative proposals and adjustments to provisions on public health and social protection.

The “talking” photographic exhibition on Parkinson’s is back in Trentino