The territorial technical table defines a work plan for 2023 in the south of the province

In Villa la Angostura and Junín de los Andes, a meeting was held with the local actors involved in the operation of the educational system. In San Martín de los Andes, advances agreed upon at the previous technical table were reviewed.

The Minister of Government and Education, Osvaldo Llancafilo, visited towns in the south of the province together with the president of the CPE, Ruth Flutsch, in order to specify new territorial technical tables together with the mayors Fabio Stefani from Villa la Angostura and Carlos Corazini from Junín of the Andes and School Districts.

Giving continuity to the territorial technical table, three months after the closure of this school year, aims to plan the different aspects that the educational system is going through to reach the 2023 cycle in the best conditions, covering not only the building and infrastructure, but also pedagogical and curricular aspects and focusing on the bond with students and families based on common situations that occur throughout the province.

Regarding works, the preliminary projects that will be executed during the summer recess were presented and that were agreed with the educational communities, many of them based on joint work with the Undersecretary of Public Works. In addition, the technical teams advance in the survey to expand the plan where priorities defined with the management teams are set,

Neuquén is a province that is permanently growing in population, receiving an important migratory current both nationally and from abroad, which also has an impact on school enrollment, especially in the oil corridor and tourist areas, being another of the factors why work is being done on planning for the incorporation of infrastructure.

The agenda began in Villa la Angostura, where together with the mayor, municipal school maintenance and portfolio technicians, they visited School 104 where a general reconditioning plan for spaces and optimization of services will be carried out, School 186 where the improvement of the perimeter, expansion of the library and renovation of a sector of the gymnasium roof that is also used by the CEF No. 7. Finally, in the CPEM 17 and CFP 24, maintenance and school infrastructure forecast tasks were prioritized, such as improvement of the lighting system.

In Junín de los Andes, the table was held with schools in rural areas where a special financing plan for school maintenance will be implemented.

In San Martín de los Andes, the members of the table were received by the Secretary of Government, Natalia Vita. She discussed the progress of the work plan for the middle and primary levels and rural schools. In the last ones, the provincial and municipal portfolio carried out the agreed works already completed and the resumption of the construction of new buildings and extensions after the climatic ban was reported by the Undersecretary of Public Works.

In addition, it was agreed to add to the 2023 agenda the continuity and expansion of the provincial program “Digital Citizenship” for the delivery of notebooks.

The territorial technical table defines a work plan for 2023 in the south of the province – Neuquén Informa