The worlds of Price at Christmas

We have already entered the unstoppable race towards Christmas. The presentation of the Circo Price show is usually the beginning of a trip, which continues with the turning on of the lights and the opening of the Christmas markets.

The worlds of Price is the show title for this yearwhich has changed address. Leading the show are Lola González and Bob Niko, the veteran dancer and choreographer, member of that pioneer Ballet Zoom, from Televisión Española. Lola, his wife, became very popular for participating in the television academy Fame Let’s dance! Their two sons usually collaborate in their parents’ productions and their daughter, Leyla, is part of this show. They have created a fantasy world in which nature rules. Five friends embark on an adventure to prevent environmental disasters.. Each one of the five comes from a different section: that of music, that of laughter… Tom leads this group made up of Princess Lai, Maestro Dante, Tatin and Luca. Throughout the show, each of them has the opportunity to show their particular skills or hobbies.

The journey they undertake to try to change something that seems to be in imminent danger will bring them numerous adventures and encounters with fantastic characters, the circus performers. Zenón Rekalde has been the author of the libretto of this adventure to which he has put original music Jeansy Auz. The track and costumes recreate the multicolored space of nature. The scenery belongs to the directors and the costumes of Emilio Salinas.

Once again the Price combines actors, dancers and circus attractions for a total show. The five leading friends are played by Tomy Álvarez, Fran del Pino, Dani Reus, Leyla Nichols and Lucía Castro. Next to them also appear the goblins, who are Pedro de la Torre, Lucia Sevillano, Elena Zancajo, Javier Tapia, Néstor Chaves and Luis Lázaro.

The exclusively circus part has five attractions capillary suspension, juggling, lever troup scale, cyr wheel and the spectacular wheel of death. In total, more than forty people have participated in the production, including the twenty-five artists who take to the dance floor.

The appointment at the Price, the municipal circus heir to the one founded by Thomas Price in the second half of the 19th century on Paseo de Recoletos, is almost essential for the little ones. The proposals have varied considerably and in recent years attempts have been made to immerse them in worlds of fantasy and adventure, with stories that, like this year’s, also serve to raise awareness about the importance of our world and our society.

The performances will begin on November 25 and will last until January 7.. The hours are suitable for children. As of December 17, two daily functions will be offered on weekends and during almost every day of Christmas, coinciding with the school holidays.

The worlds of Price at Christmas