There’s a hilarious and optimistic comedy on Netflix, a fun movie to watch tonight.

Do you want to spend a cheerful and carefree evening in front of the TV? Stream this hilarious movie tonight on Netflix.

Do you like the light and fun movies? Do you like Berlin and its most popular places? Do you want to know how some religious communities live who have decided to spend their existence without giving value to money and in full balance with nature?

Then you must definitely watch this movie on Netflix that will make you spend an evening in joy and carefree.

The film deals with the sabbatical “Rumspringa” of a Amish before returning to their village and living according to the canons of this sui generis community, little known but full of interesting ideas.

Rumspringa is the term used to define the period during which the young Amish, with the consent of the family, can have all the experiences without limits, to open up to the world, before returning to the community.

AND “Rumspringa – Jacob’s journey”Is the title of the film by the German director Mira ThielNetflix original production.

The two beautiful German actresses Tijan Marei And Gizem Emre represent two elements of the cast of sure appeal, for this film suitable for any type of audience.

Tijan Marei, despite his young age, already has numerous roles in television series and cinema films to his credit. Gizem Emre, of Turkish descent, born in Berlin, is known for playing Zeynep in the German hit series Fack ju Göhte.

The main protagonist of the film, Jacob, is instead played by Jonas Holdenriederwho proposes a particularly successful acting in the role of an inexperienced young man struggling with his first experiences in an unknown city and with new friends, so different from his community of origin.

All the main actors chosen for Rumspringa are German and for this reason they perfectly fit into the Berlin dimension proposed by the film.

Rumspringa – Jacob’s journey

Watch the trailer in the original language and read the plot of the film on Netflix

Jacob is a young man from the Amish community in Ohio, United States. After school, Jacob has the right to “rumspringa” and his parents decide to send him to the other side of the world to know his origins.

The Amish communities, in fact, were born in German-speaking Switzerland and then transplanted to the States.

Jacob chooses Berlin for his initiation into the alternative world. During the sabbatical year, unlike the strict Amish rules, he will be able to dress in a modern way, drink alcohol, meet other people outside his community and have the most disparate experiences.

Among these experiences, of course, love is also contemplated, which Jacob will inevitably end up discovering during his long stay in Berlin.

And precisely this, among other things, the goal of Rumspringa for the Amish, to make young people know, in a carefree and libertine way, what the world outside their community is and to make them decide in an informed way if they are willing to give it up, returning to the tranquility of the life of their community.

Ultimately, rumspringa is a sort of “Erasmus project of life”.

What will Jacob do after getting to know Berlin, a different world, new friendships and above all love?

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There’s a hilarious and optimistic comedy on Netflix, a fun movie to watch tonight.