They announced the reopening of school 42 located at km 226 of highway 7

The reopening of Rural School No. 42 on Highway 7 in the Chacabuco district was held, an establishment closed in 2016 by the Government of Cambiemos, which had also planned its demolition.

The Councilor of the Frente de Todos, Darío Golía, began to take steps so that it would not be demolished, accompanying Patricio García, executive manager of National Highway, promoter of the project, they managed to save the demolition. Today with the presence of Leonardo Bruccio, National Highway Inspector, they received the key that authorizes them to value the building and for the school to teach classes to the boys in that area again.

Golía, stated: “In 2016 the School Council, together with the municipality of Chacabuco decided to assign the facilities irregularly, without any record, to be closed and later demolited, without measuring the consequences of the seven students attending class, and in that moment they decided to refer them to schools 17, 19 and to the town of O’Higgins where they are permanently transported”.

Adding: “Closing and trying to demolish a school was not a good sign of Cambiemos, because this school has a history, a past and we work so that it has a future and thus we began to walk with the School Counselors of the Frente de Todos, Liliana Andriola, “Nano” Unsain, Lourdes Pedroza, Chief Inspector of Region 14, Andrea Castronuevo, District Chief, so that the province re-enable the educational service. Today we have the good news of putting the school in conditions so that next year it will be working and opening a source of work.

For his part, Bruccio remarked: “Back in 2016 it was planned to demolish this school and years later by decision of Patricio Garcia, he asked us to look for alternatives to save it, one of the alternatives presented was approved and in this way we saved its demolition.

Castronuevo said: “Where there is a student, education must be beyond distances, for the province the fundamental pillar is education” in regards to school 42, all the actors met on December 14, 2021, putting on the table the treatment of this institutional opening, knowing the importance that the primary school and GIRIM 4 have for the neighbors near their homes and have their corresponding openings in 2023.

As School Counselors we take responsibility today for receiving the key and thanking Vialidad for taking care of this place, because it represents the culture, the roots and the identity of the locals, we will be presenting the folder with all the arrangements that needed to get it up and running, Andriola said.

Pedroza, highlighted the words of the Undersecretary of Education, Claudia Bracchi. “You can’t do it alone” and this is the sample of teamwork with all the people who are gathered here, when one does interdisciplinary work the results are these. This is what our Director General, Alberto Sileoni, asks of us, where a school is needed, the state is there to contribute to quality education, for that we are working on the reopening of the buildings that were closed”.

Unsain, was very objective: “We are not talking about spending on education, we are talking about investment and the most important factor in this meeting are the neighbors who are accompanying us, they were former students, their children came to this establishment that is why they also took care of the building, they felt it was their school, the place where they spent their years of learning.

Councilor Geloso recalled her mother’s time as director of the school, the commitment and love she gave her every day and the support she received from the families of the educational community.

The Abion Family asked that it be reopened because it is part of the family history, where their relatives and neighbors attended. “The school has a beautiful history and we are sorry to see it closed, we support its reopening and we want to see it working again surrounded by boys,” the neighbor closed.

Present were: Javier Estévez, president of the Frente de Todos Councilor bloc, his peer Dr. Romina Barbetta, Lorena Nicola, UPCN secretary.

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They announced the reopening of school 42 located at km 226 of highway 7