They describe the 2023 education plan as “improvised” and “indoctrinating”

The legislative bench of the Creemos group and the union leadership of the Teachers, separately, questioned the content of the new educational curriculum that will be applied in 2023. The first classifies the plan “as a political indoctrination for children” and, for the second , the proposed educational model is “improvised, demagogic and irresponsible”.

For the Government, the new plan has pedagogical content and was coordinated with teachers and school boards.

We believe he submitted a request for a written report to the Presidency of the Chamber of Deputies so that the Minister of Education, Edgar Pary, clarify 21 points of the new curriculum.

“The Minister of Education must inform us why the change in the curriculum indoctrinates children for a political purpose. Where is the democracy and freedom of all Bolivians? Education should have another purpose and another example of basic education in which one learns the true history of our Bolivia”, said Creemos deputy Sergio Maniguary.

The legislator reported that the Minister of Education must send the responses to the PIE within 10 days, as established in the General Regulations of the Chamber of Deputies. He warned that, if he does not do so, he will take the legislative steps for the State authority to provide an oral report to the ALP.

In addition, it demands that the authority inform what it consists of or what the objectives are, the results that they intend to achieve, and what will be the evaluation method in the matter of depatriarchalization of the family, interpretation of statistical graphs and computer security, which appears in the curricular mesh 2nd grade.

Likewise, the authority must explain the objectives and results that they intend to achieve when teaching pictograms and barcodes, blogging, social justice, critical history, interreligious dialogue, among others, which appear in the 5th grade curriculum. Primary.

The executive of the Federation of Urban Teachers of Chuquisaca, Efraín Villalpando, said that “in a very irresponsible way, the Ministry of Education tries to implement a curriculum that does not really match the educational reality in which we live. This situation is purely demagoguery, irresponsible”.

The leader added that to implement subjects or situations such as the ones they are proposing, infrastructure, educational budget, and also the training that must be given (to teachers) is required, “you cannot give subjects lightly to go to improvise,” he protested.

On behalf of the Government, the coordinator of the Pedagogical Research Institute, Fernando Carrión, explained the changes to the curriculum respond to a demand from the teachers themselves.

“In November 2021, the unionized teachers together with the Ministry of Education summoned thousands of teachers who made adjustments to the contents, that has been the starting point with which we have worked on the proposals of the teachers, we are not talking one, otherwise we are talking about thousands of teachers and bases”, he said.

They bet on full face-to-face

Education Minister Edgar Pary announced that the 2023 school calendar starts with student registration from January 16 and classes will begin on February 1.

“For this purpose, it will be planned and organized with all the actors so that the first day of school does not have difficulties and between all of us we can start school activities in all the educational units of the country,” said the Minister of Education.

The school calendar will be made official on January 1 with the dissemination of Ministerial Resolution 001/2023.

The authority indicated that the purpose for the following year will be to try to maintain face-to-face classes throughout the national territory during the 2023 academic year.

They describe the 2023 education plan as “improvised” and “indoctrinating”