They hold the first provincial seminar on the protection of children and adolescents

By Romina Onel

Due to an increase in cases of rights violations involving children and adolescents (NNA), the Department of Education (DEM) of the Municipality of Monte Patria, together with the Investigative Police (PDI) of Ovalle, led the First Provincial Educational Seminar, on the protection of children and adolescents in the commune, bringing together School Coexistence teams from the province of Limarí, with the purpose of acquiring new knowledge, raising awareness and strengthening tools that allow working and supporting more effectively and accurate the various issues, protocols and processes that are linked to childhood and adolescence.

The event was held on September 6, in the Performing Arts Hall of the Cultural Center of Monte Patria, and was attended by school coexistence teams and other relevant actors from the educational system of the communes of Monte Patria, Ovalle, Punitaqui and Combarbalá, were also present the presidential delegate of the Limarí province, Galo Luna; the mayor of Monte Patria, Cristian Herrera; the sub-prefect Daniel Leal of the Ovalle PDI, and the head of the provincial education department, Susana Torres; among other guests.

The presentations were presented by the professional team of officials from the department of support and community action of the national head of crimes against people of the PDI Santiago, to which was added the presentation of the migration and international police section of the PDI Ovalle .

The topics exposed were related to the topics of school violence, education in sexual crimes and migration, in addition to the Law of Adolescent Criminal Responsibility, No. 20,084, emphasizing the importance of school coexistence teams, since it is required to work collaboratively. articulated way, between the authority, the intersection and the school communities.

In addition to this, from the Municipality of Monte Patria it was also announced that together with the PDI Ovalle, work is being done to generate strategies that collaborate so that the NNA of the territory have the necessary support and orientation in the face of some type of violation in their rights and integrity.


Regarding this, the mayor of Monte Patria, Cristian Herrera Peña, stressed that “today we are being the center of this seminar that provides tools to the coexistence teams, of our commune, Ovalle and Combarbalá, and I think it is important to highlight the work that our public security table and our DEM are doing, which is where this initiative comes from.”

Herrera also expressed being very pleased, since in his opinion, the realization of this type of instances contributes to decentralization.

For his part, the sub-prefect and head of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the PDI Ovalle, Daniel Leal, mentioned that “as a result of the concern that exists both from the authorities and from the school community of the province, we wanted to take care of these issues that are so relevant and that have been in constant news due to the acts of violence that have arisen in recent times”.

On the other hand, the professional from the technical pedagogical area of ​​the DEM of the Ovalle commune, Ximena Rojas, referred to this opportunity as a profitable instance, with a large call and where the exhibitors were able to define various concepts in relation to school violence.

increase in cases

When asked about this issue, the director(s) of the DEM of Monte Patria, Jaime Castillo, explained that the need to create this type of space for training and reflection, -with different professionals from the province’s school system-, is due to that “the increase in cases linked to violation of rights where children and adolescents of our territory were and are protagonists is evidenced with greater force from the community itself and in different work tables with support networks,” Castillo said. .

In addition to this, Castillo argued that because these cases are very similar to the reality of the other districts of Limarí, strategies have been deepened to address this situation, at the Public Security table that is held once a month with the participation of the provincial presidential delegate, representatives of the PDI, Carabineros and members of civil society, among others.

Castillo also specified that “the need to hold this meeting responds to generating new learning, so that those who are part of the school coexistence teams can improve the way of acting in the face of multiple problems that threaten and transgress the integral well-being of the students”.

It should be noted that among the multiple problems that can attack and transgress the comprehensive well-being of students, there are cases of bullying, cyberbullying, grooming, sexting, among other concepts touched on in the topic of School Violence, which are attended by coexistence teams within educational communities throughout Chile.

They hold the first provincial seminar on the protection of children and adolescents