Think with Wings: during 2022 the consolidation of the educational transformation in schools and municipal gardens advanced > Municipality of Córdoba

  • In 2021, the Teaching Innovation Program for more and better Learning began in 12 municipal Institutions, in 2022 it reached 56 of the 76. In 2023 it foresees universal reach within the municipal educational system.
  • Training proposal, technological equipment, teacher training, furniture, infrastructure, teaching resources, among other aspects, have been strengthened this year to strengthen this central line of municipal educational policy.

at a steady pace, THINK WITH WINGS – The Teaching Innovation Program for more and better Learning (PIEnsA-Córdoba) – continued its auspicious progress this year and is envisioned with great projection for the next. Emerged in an adverse pandemic scenario dominated by the Covid_19 virus and the restrictions imposed, it nevertheless put its roots in the municipal educational system of Córdoba to mark with its imprint a new way of thinking and doing school and gardens.

PIEnsA con Alas is a comprehensive and integrated education proposal whose implementation reaches kindergartens and municipal schools of the municipal educational system of the city of Córdoba involving initial and primary education. It does not arise from the mere imposition of a policy conceived outside of educational institutions and their protagonists, but rather it is erected precisely from pedagogical practices in schools and royal gardens, with the participation of the various actors in each educational community.

In this sense, the Secretary of Education Horacio Ferreyra maintained that “The central purpose of PIEnsA with Wings is and will continue to be the improvement of teaching and learning to strengthen the school trajectories of Cordovan students, contemplating educational innovation to make effective the learning rights of the 21st century.”

In 2022, the sustained task of the municipal state has made it possible to have more buildings, rooms and classrooms, sufficient and competent personnel to extend school time, instances of teacher training, technological equipment -notebooks, tablets, robots, etc.- in all schools and kindergartens, improved connectivity, books and other teaching resources regarding the meaning and content of PIEnSA with Wings. At the same time, the free food service for all students has continued, also supporting free access to school transportation through the Free Educational Ticket. The economic investment amounts to more than 2,021 million -2020/2022- considering not only adequate infrastructure and maintenance but also the pending challenges in learning conditions: educational resources, services, training, connectivity, among others.

The planned goal has been to achieve an updated pedagogical model based on existing projects in municipal schools and kindergartens that guarantees more time and diversification of spaces for the learning of girls and boys in the city.

Thus, the extension of the permanence time was reached (since March 2022), achieving a 4-hour school day in Kindergarten, that is, 20 clock hours per week, and in Primary School, between 25 and 30 clock hours per week. Situation that will improve significantly in 2023, by virtue of the fact that the construction works of rooms and classrooms have been completed.

Having more time at school made it possible to have more time to deepen the appropriation of relevant knowledge and the development of fundamental skills.

This included amplitude to dedicate to the learning of a foreign language English, incorporating its approach from a communicative and intercultural approach, from room 4 (Initial Level) to 6th grade (Primary Level), as well as the teaching of digital education, the programming and robotics, transversally and from a specific learning space in all institutions. A space called Explore in Initial Education and Discover/Inquire/Create was also incorporated in the Primary Education cycles, to develop projects from the STEAM teaching approach, in which students integrate science, technology, mathematics, art in learning experiences.

The Director of Learning and Professional Development Alicia Olmos said that “To advance in the implementation of these decisions, simultaneously located devices for teacher training and improvement were put into operation for the appropriation of these particular ways of doing school and kindergartens.”

The Secretary of Education, at the end of the year stated: “We are embarked, as our Int. Martin LLaryora maintains, in building and developing progressively, in a participatory manner, a training proposal so that everyone can learn more and better mathematics, language, science, technology, arts. An ecosystem in which no Not only is the use of rooms, classrooms, school playgrounds, educational parks strengthened and charged with meaning, but also the places where family, community, civic and social life take place as places of learning. Our educational policy finds us at a steady pace and advancing in its expansion throughout the entire system, and we are encouraged to ratify that PIENSA with Wings transits a model of genuine educational transformation -unpublished at the national level- that focuses on a city of Córdoba more fair, free, diverse and inclusive, a city that gets better every day for all of its inhabitants.”

The Secretary went on to state that “From this perspective, Piensa con Alas encourages us to be part of an emerging movement for The Possible School, that is, colleagues willing to ask us new questions, to try to free ourselves from certain resistances towards the unknown and to feel alive in school institutions. The educational innovation to which we subscribe gives us a look that does not imply that we have to invent everything. It is about valuing our trade and teaching knowledge, investigate our practices, have the courage to change what no longer works and balance the familiar with the new. It is necessary, as our mayor maintains, to dare to innovate: to bet on creativity, renewal and transformative improvement, it is the possibility of making the everyday extraordinary”.

The General Director of Educational Management Luis Franchi stated that “Think with Wings began in 2020 with a collaborative preliminary design and the progressive creation of conditions for its implementation, it advanced in 2021 with the development in six Elementary Schools and six Kindergartens. In 2022 with 32 more Gardens – completing the entirety of this subsystem in the city – and the incorporation of 12 Schools primaries. Being 56 the institutions that have implemented the program”.

In addition, the Secretary concluded by stating that “After the evaluation of the innovation by UNESCO, OEI-Eutopia, various national and international organizations and by the system itself, in 2023 it will be implemented in all municipal gardens and schools, reaching 76 Institutions, thus fulfilling with the goal that Int. Martín LLaryora raised as a goal”.

Think with Wings: during 2022 the consolidation of the educational transformation in schools and municipal gardens advanced > Municipality of Córdoba